Mercedes McLaren SLR Yo-Yo

I am not a fan of old cars. When there is a new model, I usual don’t like the previous one. There are some exceptions! When Mercedes revealed the ugly looking SLS AMG model, I felt the same. It is a retro interpretation of iconic model 300SL from 1954. But it was not the first time, unfortunately it was the second time! They did the same thing with SLR. It was also a retro interpretation of 300SL, but sales did not go that well.

Mercedes thought that, it is like a car similar to estate E Class and planned to keep producing it for seven years, which is very unusual for super car market. And it was not good enough to compete with Ferrari Enzo. They were introduced at the same time. Also Ferrari Enzo was not planned to be sold for seven years and 500 cars per year! With a basic maths, Mercedes planned to sell 3500 SLRs in seven years. This strategy is very normal for a dull E Class but it did not work with SLR!

Anyway, Mercedes introduced the SLS AMG which is cheaper than SLR and boring than SLR and worse looking than SLR and made from aluminium instead of carbon fibre. And SLS something turn into mass production “super” car. You can see it everywhere on earth, Mercedes loves to sell cars to everyone and destroy the uniqueness.

Anyway, I have just saw something in Mercedes merchandise store. I really wish to meet with the person, who is designing the products here. The SLR section offers yoyo covered with leather. What were you thinking while designing this product for SLR! SLR has a fluctuating sales figure and let’s represent this with a yo-yo! I could not find any plausible reason to offer a yo-yo with SLR name on it!

Mercedes did not like the SLR, we all know that but please don’t take revenge like this!

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Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-Cell: Soundless sport car :(

Today Mercedes released another amazing footage for Mercedes SLS AMG. The ultimate sport car, the ultimate driving passion and the ultimate car not to buy when you have the Ferrari 458! I cannot manage to love this car sorry :( I tried everything but it does not work. This is like forcing yourself to fall in love with someone. We all know that, this does not work! SLS AMG is sport cars which is trying to be retro.
Anyway, Mercedes’s new footage is from the SLS AMG E-Cell. The ultimate electric car, sorry electric sport car. As far as I realized, this car is fully powered by electricity not a hybrid. It will be a mile stone for electric sport car and a mile stone for drivers. Having more kilometres or having more power will be directly related with electric gadgets. More basically, if you are listening Britney Spears you might loss some range or power. Reducing the heat by sophisticated climate control will definitely kill your batteries and range; using headlights, brake lights and many more. Mercedes might also offer Mercedes Benz Generator for SLS AMG, as you will be running out of batter all the time. You will have generator to keep charging it :)
Okay, it is enough! The interesting thing in footage, there was no engine sound. All the time sport car footages are dominated by muscular engine noise and we all love it. This time, we could only hear some electric engine and tyre scrolling! I really didn’t like it. I won’t definitely buy a sport car which does not sounds like a sport car. No way! That’s the main point for buying a powerful, to hear the sound. Unless nobody is using those horses! So the future will be more quite and senseless to buy sport car.

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Mercedes SLS AMG with a DVD Changer

Mercedes SLS AMG, the most important thing for Mercedes nowadays. There is nothing more important than the SLS, in every country Mercedes is doing a PR campaign, special events, social networking activities and many things!
As I mentioned earlier, I never liked the McLaren Mercedes SLR or SLS AMG. My all time favourite is CLK GTR! These models are just replicas of 300SLR and very bad replicas. Actually I am not writing these to complain about SLS’s terrific design. I am writing this to highlight a super ultra pointless features of SLS AMG.
A car which is delivering more than 570 horsepower with double clutch transmission and reaching one hundred kilometers less than four seconds does not have standard ceramic brakes, in terms of Mercedes C-BRAKE! Wake up Mercedes, this is a not a diesel E Class, you are trying to compete with Ferrari, Lamborghini and other super car brands. And you are not offering ceramic brake as standard! Mercedes claims, SLS AMG has a very short braking distance! Really? I guess, if you buy the ceramic brakes it will have a very short braking distance.
I know cost is very important for manufacturing but your are not manufacturing A Class or something like that. Mercedes is asking huge amount money for something which does not have a proper brakes! But you will have something which is extremely important, extremely vital! A DVD changer :) Yes, you will the most stupid feature in one most of the most expensive car on earth, a DVD changer.
This means SLS AMG is so boring that, you have to have a DVD “changer”, one DVD is not enough, so that you will find something more interesting the SLS AMG :) On the other hand, due to safety you cannot watch DVD while driving. So what are you going to do with that pointless machine !?!
None of the Mercedes PR activities, I did not hear any word called aluminium! This car is the first mass product aluminium Mercedes and they don’t say it anywhere! Why? Should people find out?
And lastly, this car can only rev up to 6800 rpm! Hello! Ferrari 458 can climb up to 9000 rpm, this is the super car market. You must rev more! Mercedes A Class can rev up to 6800 rpm. So what is the point of placing a rev meter which is showing 9000 rpm :)
Again, Mercedes thought about a super car and ruined by passion :) Honestly, I would definitely buy a Ferrari 458 or Porsche 911 Turbo S or Lamborghini Gallardo instead of SLS AMG.

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