The Best Selfie Photo | Curiosity Rover from Mars

The best selfie ever comes from Curiosity Rover from Mars. Sorry guys, no one has a better selfie photo than the Curiosity Rover. Why? Because, it was taken on a different planet. No one can go beyond this! Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Kate Upton, Victoria’s Secret Models cannot achieve this high bar. 
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Curiosity Rover from Mars

Pinterest UK Launch Campaign: #PinItForwardUK

Pinterest, one of the most popular and influential visual social networking site. Pinterest is a virtual pin board, you pin photos or videos to your different boards and share with other people. I have been using the Pinterest for nearly two years. When I first heard about Pinterest, people were saying it is a women biased site, and why do you pin cars photos. When you first visit the page during 2011, you notice the large amount of wedding based content. However as the time passed and people like me kept pinning different various content to Pinterest, the demographics of the Pinterest also changed.

Now, you can search any type of image on Pinterest and you will find really really good content. Unlike other visual search engines, the content at Pinterest is high quality and there is junk or advertisement obsessed users. People like me pinning photos of everything.

Recently, Pinterest decided to extend their launch campaign to UK and I was invited to take a part during this campaign. I attended an event in London and met with the team of Pinterest. Honestly, they are passionate for Pinterest were really friendly. So, this motivated me more to take a part at #PinItForwardUK campaign.

If you haven’t registered for Pinterest, this is the right time. Just click here to register and start checking my Cars board. You can see all my photos under the Cars boards and many more things. And don’t limit yourself with my content, check the other bloggers as well.



Harlem Shake Bikini Failures: Epic!

Harlem Shake Bikini Failures! Probably you started to forget or your brain decided to vanish the Harlem Shake. Welcome the world of social media, a trend makes a peak and disappears like it never appeared before. 
Harlem Shake videos became a YouTube sensation and many people started to record and upload to YouTube. As a result of this crazy trend, many videos received enormous and unexpected amount of views. 
However, there is a trick with popular trend! Similar to stock exchange, if you find a rising trend and upload the content while the trend is getting more popular; you will become a sensation. If you are a bit late and create the content while the trend is vanishing, you will have a traffic that increases quite slowly. Even though, there are a dozen wearing bikinis and dancing Harlem Shake.
Just watch the video and check the views, 14000! That’s nothing for a content like this.


Chanel No.5 with Brad Pitt: New Video

Chanel No.5, the most iconic perfume and the first perfume launched by Coco Chanel on May, 1921. I think No.5 is the best well-known perfume on planet. And from its name to its design of the bottle are unique. In 1920, small glasses of perfumes were presented numbered from 1 to 5 and Chanel chose the perfume in the first fifth glass. Chanel did not wish to change the name of the perfume and it was released as Chanel No.5.
Chanel No.5 did not change the fragrance for 91 years and now they have a new face for their advertisement campaign. For the first time of Chanel No.5 history, a man is used. And he is Brad Pitt. Here are the two videos of Brad Pitt and Chanel No.5. Second videos is just released!
I think automotive industry should analyse Chanel No.5’s marketing and advertisement strategy. Because, the No.5 never changed for 91 years, basically the product is the same but Chanel managed to keep the momentum of being unique and exclusive. This is really a very hard success to achieve. In automotive, products never stay the same and there are many stories to tell. Basically, the opportunity to create campaign for automotive is more easier than to create a campaign for a perfume that never changed for 91 years! Chanel No.5 is a very important case study that should not be missed!

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World Record Attempt for New Ford Fiesta: #FordFiesta24

Ford Fiesta, one of the oldest Ford model still on production for 35 years. Probably one of the longest production car on the market as well. And during the Paris Motor Show, Ford revealed the new facelifted Fiesta.
At the same time Ford started a new campaign and tries break Guinness World Record. Ford plans to break record for world’s largest mosaic image by asking people to tweet their photos with a Ford Fiesta using twitter hashtag #FordFiesta24. And there is a chance to win a personalised 3-D printed  1:20 scale model of a Ford Fiesta with your twitter printed name on it. And you have a chance to win a Ford Fiesta!
If you want to win 1:20 scale 3D printed Ford Fiesta and learn more about the campaign, please log into
New Fiesta offers the Ford’s new design bit the chrome engine grills. Like its competitors, Ford now offers common design language and we can see this through the chrome engine grill in Ford vehicle range. After the facelift, in my opinion Ford Fiesta became one of the best-looking cars on this segment. Don’t forget Ford Fiesta is not an expensive car!
New Ford Fiesta offers new engines as well, starting from 1-lt EcoBoost petrol engine (100 PS / 125 PS), 1-lt petrol engine (80 PS) and 1.5-lt diesel engine (75 PS). These engines are the new range for the Fiesta, however you may still have the previous engines. 1.25-lt petrol engine (60 PS / 82 PS), 1.6-lt petrol engine (105 PS) and 1.6-lt diesel (95 PS). But, buying new Fiesta with old engines does not make any sense and old engines are not efficient like the new ones. So, avoid them. The new engine will also offer the six-speed double clutch automatic gearbox (PowerShift). Again, my suggestion is to go for the automatic gearbox. New Fiesta offers start/stop technology, Active City Stop (Prevent collision in city traffic), LED headlights.
New Ford Fiesta will become a strong rival for its competitors with these features and new design.

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Bugatti is on Twitter

After Bugatti YouTube channel, Bugatti is now on Twitter. And it seems like the account is official. However, the conversation on Twitter is not that tempting due to just two tweets! Regarding the time gap between these two tweets, I am expecting to hear from Bugatti around March, 2013 :)
When you are on Twitter, please do not me be silent!
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Interview with Ben Sayer (PR Manager of ProDrive)

Today I was in Ben Sayer, PR Manager of ProDrive. If you are a bit interested on world rally championship, I am sure you know ProDrive. They worked with Porsche, Subaru, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Mini. Their job is to develop cars for racing, especially for word rally championship.
For me it was a great experience to visit ProDrive and see their heritage cars. Since I was a kid, I always heard ProDrive on TV but did not have opportunity to visit their head office. Thanks to Ben, I have been to head office of the legendary ProDrive.
In interview; Ben and I talked about future world rally championship (RedBull will in WRC), how live coverage of French WRC stage will be, history of ProDrive and their engagement with manufacturers, of course social media.
It was great to hear that ProDrive appreciates the works of bloggers and doing their best for us to create our content.
It was a great interview and great experience to be in ProDrive. I am sure you will like the interview and have an opportunity to see how the head office ProDrive looks like :)



Interview with John Rawlings (PR Manager, VW Commercial Vehicles UK)

Today I was with John Rawlings, PR manager of VolkswagenCommercial Vehicles UK. This was my first interview in commercial vehicles segment. And I was excited; until now I was taking pictures and doing interview in passenger vehicle segment. Commercial vehicles were a bit far for me! However, I had spent more time and had more fun than passenger vehicles.
We did the interview inside a VW California van. It is based on Transporter, however California is designed for camping from A to Z. Let me start with exterior, you have an expandable tent on the right side, and also you may have it on the left side. Two camping chairs are place inside a specially designed pocket on luggage door. The roof is expandable for sleeping and for daily living. Driver and passenger seats rotate 360-degree very easily. Four adults can sleep very comfortable inside the California. Also, there is a very cleverly designed foldable table. Actually, you may use that table at home as well. There are lots of places to hang, lots of curtains, pockets and many more things. I was playing with Volkswagen California for hours and still there were something more.
As you can see, I was excited with Volkswagen California :)
With John, we talked about the difference between commercial and passenger vehicles in terms of public relations. I was wondering about this difference, because commercial vehicles are sold for commercial reasons and there might be some critical differences.  We talked about how commercial vehicles became popular in passenger vehicles segment, John told about the history of VW’s commercial vans and how they were emerged. Also, he mentioned about the technology transfer from VW passenger vehicles to commercial vehicles. Lastly, the importance of social media for commercial vehicles.
There will more coming in following days!