Stella McCartney Fallabella Shoulder Bags | Selfridges

Stella McCartney Fallabella shoulder bags from Selfridges. Last week, during my visit to Selfridges Birmingham, I had chance to see the Stella McCartney’s 2013 bag collection. I admire Stella McCartney, it is one of the most environment friendly fashion brand, and does not sacrifice real leather for fashion. Despite the usage of faux leather in Stella McCartney collection, you really cannot understand the difference and won’t be bothered with this. Because, the faux leather is compensated by the unique design. 
Fallabella shoulders bags do not flash their brands. The design simple and function, also elegant. This is another segment in fashion, many people want to own a premium brand but they don’t want to show it like statement to others. Thus, the Fababella collection definitely will satisfy this unique consumers market. 
You can order the Stella McCartney Fallabella shoulder bags directly from the Selfridges online store. They improved their online store experience!


Luxury iPhone 5 Cases from Net-A-Porter

Apple iPhone 5, it did not generate the same sensation that we experienced with iPhone 4 two years ago. For many people iPhone 5 is the lighter and taller version of iPhone 4, which I agree as well. Apple did not go for a radical change in the design. And I don’t understand why, whatever Apple produces, people will buy it. They could have introduced a more radical design rather than a taller new iPhone.

When we have a new iPhone, it is always followed by new cases and sleeves to make our iPhone personalised. Because, iPhone is only offered either black or white. The room for personalisation is really limited. Therefore, iPhone cases and sleeves provides you the opportunity to personalise your iPhone and also keep it new!

I did some research and found some luxury iPhone 5 cases. Unfortunately, these cases and sleeves are not cheap but not as expensive as iPad cases! But they are luxury and many people cannot have it, that’s the advantage of owning one!

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Jaguar XJ with 2-lt Turbo Engine

Jaguar XJ with 2-lt four-cylinder turbo petrol engine. You didn’t read anything wrong or I didn’t type anything wrong! Jaguar is the first car company to offer a large saloon with a 2-lt petrol engine. This is a new path in automotive industry; for many years large saloons were offered with massive engines. At those years, there were no problems with fuel price, tight taxation and emission. However, things have changed and companies started to downsize their engines. First, Mercedes offered 2.2-lt diesel engine in current S-Class (a competitor of XJ) and now Jaguar reduced the size up to 2-lt but runs with petrol. For many people, these engines are insufficient, not fast enough and etc etc. However, things have changed. If you can surf on internet from your mobile phone, you shouldn’t complaining about the downsized engines. These engines provide the same level of performance with lower fuel consumption. 
Jaguar’s new 2-lt turbocharged engine produces 240 PS of power and 340 nm of torque. These figures used to be found in 3-lt engines. Now, thanks to turbo chargers and reduces friction inside the engine, a 2-lt pocket size engine can provide this huge amount of power. 
So what will happen? If Jaguar can manage to market this car properly in emerging markets like Turkey, Russia, China where the car taxation is really high. Many people will buy Jaguar XJ instead of BMW 7-Series, Mercedes S-Class or Audi A8. If you are not obsessed with German car’s electronic gadgets and willing to pay lots of money for them, Jaguar XJ will definitely satisfy your needs! 
This engine will also be available in Jaguar XF. What happens with engines are similar to this in fashion, moving from real leather to faux leather. And people does not stop buying Stella McCartney, because her shoes and bags are not from real leather!

Technical Information: 
2.0 I4 240 Turbocharged Petrol
Engine type:four-cylinder, in-line petrol, turbocharged
Capacity (cc):1999
Bore/stroke (mm):87.5/83.1
Peak power (PS@rpm):240@5500
Peak torque (Nm/lb ft@rpm):340/251@1800-4,000
0-60mph (secs):7.5 (in XF and XJ)*
Top speed (mph):150 (in XF and XJ)*
*Manufacturer’s estimates. All figures correct at time of going to press.

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Porsche Design for H&M

When we will see this slogan in advertisements? H&M worked with Jimmy Choo, Comme des Garcons, Karl Lagerfeld, Sonia Rykiel, Stella McCartney, Viktor and Rolf, Roberto Cavalli and Elio Fiorucci. Every year H&M offers a special collection from a very luxury fashion designer and people rush into H&M stores to grab one of them. Offering limited edition clothes, shoes and accessories boost their sales and strength their brand image, also helps to improve brand royalty. This strategy became a part of H&M’s marketing strategy and every year, there is a new brand to offer.
As H&M worked with nine different fashion brands (may be more), I am expecting to see Porsche Design for next year. Why not? I love Porsche Design and I want to buy them with reasonable price :) All of those brands are luxury and their fanatics had chance to buy the reasonable priced ones by H&M, like ladies are buying Jimmy Choo from H&M. I know Porsche Design is working with Adidas but they could do an exception! I know that, if Porsche Design will be in H&M its brand image and target group may not fit with this picture. The others managed this very well, I think Porsche Design can do it also ;)

Stella McCartney leather free

Famous British fashion designer Stella McCartney announced to introduce leather free shoes. I am sure that some organizations will be satisfied with this decision and some of the ladies won’t!
Stella McCartney Website
When I read this news, I remembered something which car makers love to do it ;) “Ohh! this car has leather. No, that’s not real leather.” You understand difference on summer very well indeed ;)
I hope Stella McCartney won’t burn their customers ;)