Bentley Continental GTC V8 for Summer 2013

Bentley Continental GTC V8 for summer 2013. Nowadays are the hottest days of the summer and nothing can be better to feel the warm air while driving. That’s why I am writing this post! If you are planning to buy a cabrio or convertible car for this summer, I have a great suggestion, Bentley Continental GTC V8.

This car is waiting for you at HR Owen Mayfair dealer in London. Dark grey exterior coupled with amazing red interior leather! Don’t worry Continental GTC V8 is fast enough, 4-lt V8 engine produces 500 HP, 660 Nm of torque, 8-speed automatic gearbox, all-wheel drive and only needs 5 seconds to reach 100 km/h. These figures are more than enough to enjoy the hot summer of 2013 :)


Greek Summer from Greek Blogger

Today I want to share my Greek blogger friend, Dionysia! As you can see from the photos, she spent her holiday in Greece with sun! If you are reading this blog from north part of the world, sun does not mean anything to us :( But it does shine in other parts of the world.
I really appreciate her dedication to her blog and express her fashion style. If you wonder about her clothes or shoes or anything else, just click the post links or ask her on Twitter!