Christian Louboutin Sweety Charity Handbags

I just these latest handbags from Christian Louboutin Sweety Charity. The eye-catching point with these handbags were their size. Sweety Charity is really tiny, it is barely larger than a iPhone 6 Plus. And shares the same spikes with the Pigalle stilettos. If tiny spikes did not put you off, the price tag will not as well. Christian Louboutin Sweety Charity starts from £695 and goes up to £975.

Yes, Sweety Charity is expensive for a small handbag. However, if you compare with your latest gadget, which you paid a lot of money and it will be useless in three years time, these handbags will never work slow or the storage space will be insufficient in few years time. You can happily use the Sweety Charity handbags for years without experiencing any problems. Also, if they were dropped to floor nothing happens, they will work with no problem. In addition, if you try to bend them, they will be back to normal with no problem.

When you think about the prices figures for the fashion items, we always say they are very expensive. And we ignore the fact that, the money we spent and waste on gadgets are far way more than fashion items and they stop working after few years!