Tabitha Webb’s Collection at Elizabeth Street Store, London

Tabitha Webb’s collection at Elizabeth street, Belgravia, London. Finally I made it! I met with Tabitha few months ago at Gianmarco Lorenzi store in London. And I uploaded some of her collection to my Instagram account, which I do it all the time. This time, I received many messages from my friends and they were asking, where we can buy these dresses? It happened so quickly, I was really surprised the influential effect of Tabitha’s design  on social media. 
So, I decided to visit Tabitha Webb’s store Belgravia. I love Belgravia, because it sounds cool and I cannot pronounce it :) Anyway, Tabitha has a very beautiful store with lots of space to enjoy the store and check her collection. This time, I took as many photos as possible from Tabitha Webb’s latest collection. Also, this is the first blog post with iPhone 6’s camera, and it still takes rubbish photos when there is black and white at the same.
Don’t replace your DSLR with the iPhone6.
I am sure you really wish to check her collection rather than reading my words and here they are :)
PS: When you arrive to Elizabeth street, you will see some metal structure at the left hand side. Walk behind that structure.