Cindy Crawford on The EDIT Magazine

If you were born in the 1990s, the name Cindy Crawford may not ring any bells in your head. However, if you clearly remember the 1990s, you will be looking forward to see her again. Cindy Crawford is on The EDIT magazine. The EDIT is a digital weekly magazine from Net-a-Porter. This week, they covered Cindy Crawford.

I had a flashback to my teenage years—the 1990s—when Google was not yet invented, Apple was on the edge of bankruptcy, and a mobile phone was a gadget only for talking. Cindy Crawford was at the pinnacle of her modelling career, and it was nearly impossible to not have ever heard her name. And remember, there was no social media and the Internet was limited! She was all over traditional media—the media that was usually printed on paper or behind a glass tube (TV).

It is great to see her again on a magazine, especially a digital one.

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