How Kate Upton Bounces Her…

What a hopeless title :) Today is Friday and I am sure you want to watch something really funny. American gossip site, TMZ released a footage of explaining how Kate Upton bounces her boobs. But in a funny way.

Kate Upton was leaving the Los Angeles airport and TMZ spotted her whilst performing her iconic walk. So the TMZ team conducted a comprehensive analyses for Kate Upton’s walk. But watch until the end, you will be laughing :)

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Vanity Fair

Future of Kate Upton

Future of Kate Upton. Another very scientific and very comprehensive footage came from the American gossip site TMZ! They managed to record Kate Upton and her mother together. Actually, this is not something unusual. But Kate Upton has a very high viral potential. So the TMZ guys decided to create a story from a normal situation and here it is. How Kate Upton will look in future? I mean if you are planning to get marry with her, that would be an important video for you, otherwise what can I say!

Unfortunately; search engine optimisation, viral content, clicks and other things manipulated our minds (including mine). We all want to create a content that will be shared and people will click more. However, on internet interesting content is not related with something really interesting. It should something totally pointless in real life. I think one day, we all say ‘sorry for the inconvenience we made last two decades on internet’.

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