International Women Day

Sorry for late International Women Day’s post. Most of the people have bias toward women drivers. Instead of numbers just watch these two videos from Sabine Schmidt and Vicki Butler Henderson, then think again :)
Sabine is a race driver and drives the legendary BMW M5 Ring Taxi! And she lapped thousands of times around the Nürburgring. Couple of years or may be more, Top Gear gave her a Ford Transit to lap around the Nürburgring less than ten minutes. And she achieved by eight seconds extra! Transit never been designed to race and overtake Porsches.
I guess everyone knows Vicki, she was presenting old Top Gear and now on Fifth Gear. She is also race driver. And she drives a Toyota iQ in city and in a circuit. Like Transit, iQ was never meant to be driving like this and my recommendation is not to try by yourself.


Senna Movie

(Today I was going to write about Aston Martin Rapide but recent news from Twitter changed my plan.)
I don’t really remember many things from 1994. It is just like other years, I was in middle school, and the most interesting thing was attending to school and watching TV. There was no internet involved with our lives. When I think about those times,  it was very plain compared to nowadays, but I clearly remember one moment from those plain times, Ayrton Senna.

I was not fan of Senna at those years, he drove McLaren and after Williams. At those ages, you want to be a fan of brands like Ferrari, Mercedes! But Senna driving made all those competitors looked like shopping trolleys in circuit. He was incredible fast, beyond the laws of psychics. I still cannot understand how he was driving like that.

It was the 1st May, one day after Senna’s accident in Imola. Unfortunately, the news was not spreading like nowadays but, his accident was on everywhere. Even people who don’t have any interest on Formula 1 knew his name and started to talk about him. Morning of 1st May, one of my friend at school told us, Senna is dead! I think I won’t ever forget that moment, in my whole life. Actually I was not expecting to hear this, Formula 1 “suppose” to be safe! They had lots of regulations, so how this thing happened. There were many suggestions, review, opinions, expert views, but nothing revealed the real reason.
Those cars were just made from plastic and engine, nothing else. And those engines had huge turbos, which means thousands of horse powers. Just imagine driving a car which is basically same as a remote control and powered with this engine. Drivers of those years really deserve respect and Senna deserves more.
At those ages, I was thinking maybe I can see him one day when he retires from Formula 1. Because you expect him to retire with great successes not with a tragedy. He was everyone’s hero and nobody ever think, he would die. Heros never dies in movies, unfortunately that’s only in movies and we learnt this by Senna!
17 years has passed, today’s Formula 1 drivers were trying to learn walking at those times. Safety regulation improved and hopefully Senna is the last person to lose his life in a circuit. Hopefully nobody ever forgot him, especially after Top Gear’s excellent episode on Senna, new generation learnt who he was. And there is a movie of Ayrton Senna, Directed by Asif Kapadia. This movie is called “Senna”. Unfortunately mass-media did not revealed much news about this, I don’t know why they did not mention. Of course, they have more important news like X-Factor, Big Brother, New Top Model, Cooking Shows! There is no need to bother viewers with news like this! Media forgot the days when they boosted their ratings with Senna news! Hopefully contemporary social networks talking about him and I found the theatre released date for UK; June 3rd 2011.
Lastly, many people think about why there is a thing called Formula 1? I want to explain basically, if there was no Formula 1, we still have cars more or less safer than a can! All those technologies we have in our cars are the results of Formula 1. From traction control to seat belt technologies.
I have a suggestion for McLaren, they have just revealed their new super car MP4-12C, which is one of the fastest and lightest car on market now. Why they don’t make Ayrton Senna special edition? I am sure that, many people would like to buy that car.

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Top Gear service on eBay

For Monday, I had totally something different to write but I found something rather more interesting!
I found an eBay auction for “Guide to being in Audience if you get Top Gear Tickets”. This auction does not sell or give free tickets, it is just giving your logistical and tactical knowledge if you planning to boost your ego during the TopGear shooting!
Hopefully, this interesting service is only for £2 (€2.3, $4). As mentioned in bidding, it will be only three A4 papers providing the very important knowledge on these topics listed below. And hopefully the %50 of the auction will be given to Ellen MacArthur Trust.
My comment on this service is no comment!

1. Getting tickets
2. What to wear
3. When to arrive
4. What to expect
5. Timing
6. Capacity
7. Catering services & prices on site
8. Toilet facilities
9. Where to stand to get the best chance of being in shot
a) Where to stand in the crowd to get at the front of the queue to go in
b) Where to stand once inside
10. Tips on getting autographs/pictures
11. Layout of Studio
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The Stig in your bath

This is my first post from a mobile device. You might be wondering why I did this. And here is the reason. Recently I installed the Quick Office application to my iPhone and I wanted to submit a post via this mobile device.
This interesting way of submitting post should be completed with something really interesting. Hopefully TopGear provided me the idea. Thanks to their creative team, there are some interesting products in many stores across UK. I think some of you might have noticed these “very creative” pieces.
With these new products TopGear decided to enter your bathroom with Stig named soap and bathroom product. Our first product is The Stig Soap. When you finish your soap, this product gives the opportunity to touch a plastic Stig as a result of your cleanness. The second very creative product is a full size Stig body wash. With this product you can clean your body by taking out Stig’s helmet (I guess!). Again very creative!
And I have named all these products as Revenge of TopGear for Ben Collins. There are more products with the Stig, I will share them later :)
Posting a blog with a mobile device? Think again!
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The best BMW 1 Series Review

This news is a bit old but I recently noticed in August issue of TopGear Magazine. They tried to double the price of cars through online configurator and they made a great statement about BMW and 1 Series :)


I know the next Stig!

After seven years of curiosity, we finally found out who is the Stig. Honestly Ben Collins’s appearance on FifthGear might boost the ratings but it will not create the same attention. We all know who is the Stig and his capabilities. So the case is closed now.
However the new Stig case is just beginning. Someone is going to take place of the Stig and we have no clue about what will happen next. And while looking at Stig’s book (I didn’t start reading), I noticed that Jordan (aka. Katie Price) has a special place! Especially her aggressive driving style was a very remarkable moment of TopGear! And her pinky style. Interesting some websites are talking about pink Stig. We had black and white Stig, now we may have a pink one or a gray one. I guess pink will be more colourful for the show!
When I combine two notions together, I found out something! The next Stig is Katie Price. She loves pink, drives aggressively on TopGear track, there are many rumours about Stig’s colour. So the I am nominating Katie Price as the next Stig :) With pink Stig, TopGear can have the highest ratings on earth !!!

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Nominee for Ford KA’s hair style event

I have just heard about an event for Ford KA and after this event, KA is going to be the official girl car! This new Ford KA is technically based on Fiat 500 which is a better looking car. Due to maximization cost and minimizing the pleasure strategy of Ford, they are sharing platform with Fiat to reduce manufacturing costs. But will any girl dare this fact? Of course no! Therefore, who cares the platform of Ford KA when it has a very charming design :)
In following weeks Ford KA will have hair style competition powered by Toni & Guy. I used the word powered to emphasize automotiveness soul in events. You will upload your picture to Ford KA’s Facebook page and if you receive many “likes”, you will have chance to have your hair done by Toni &Guy. After that you will be nominated as the stylish person. And you will have chance to drive Ford KA for two months.
But I know the winner :) Actually he does not know that he is the winner but he should be nominated as the spiritual winner of the Ford KA style event. As you can guess he is Richard Hammond from BBC TopGear. His hair is looking much better than Vicky Butler-Henderson and I can clear say, Richard has the best hair in automotive business.
Newcastle, Metro Centre – 15th-16th October
Birmingham, Bullring – 22nd-23rd October
London/Kent, Bluewater – 29th-30th October
Manchester, Arndale Centre – 13th-14th November
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Stig, Tigs, Igst, Gsti, Stig = Ben Collins

Since last seven years automotive industry was looking for an answer to a very important question! That’s not lowering CO2 emissions or selling more cars to people who already own one. Their main problem was The Stig. He was the person or something which can push the limits of any object with four wheels attached to an engine. He was the TopGear’s top secret mission. His identity was much better protected than Intel’s new CPU technology.
But the dream end up quicker than everyone expected. As we all know that, Ben Collins did not like his pay check and started writing a book. Actually I couldn’t get that point. He wrote a book while being Stig. Okay, his book will not be nominated for Nobel Awards but he wrote a book. Many people cannot manage to write one page of something and he wrote book and at the same time he kept working. Besides his ability to pushing limits of cars, he is very well at writing also.
Unfortunately I did not buy his book yet but you can find it very easily. The Man in White Suit and you can order from Amazon or from Blackwell. I am planning to read the book in couple weeks. I am sure it will be a very book to read!
If you are not satisfied by the log book of The Stig, you can hear his voice and watch his face on FifthGear. On their last episode (Season 17, Episode 11) Ben Collins was able to talk and we were able to see him. He was also sarcastic about his previous occupation in BBC and complained for being silent for seven years. Actually we didn’t miss something very exciting!
As usual, FifthGear assigned him very interesting and pointless duties, like driving drag car and trying to achieve some lap time. I am pretty sure that it will be more boring!
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The Stig (I guess)

The Stig’s dilemma explained with Katie Price :)

Stig! He is the most important issue of automotive industry. CO2 levels, global crisis, high petrol prices are not that important for automotive! Everyone knows the answers of these problems, thousands of people are writing about solution every second. But nobody knows who the real Stig is! Until, last couple of weeks.
The white Stig from BBC TopGear is always a mystery for people. There are millions of predictions for Stig, some people thought it was Schumacher or other former Formula 1 drivers. The main reason for this curiosity, is the unbelievable talent of Stig. He was faster than any Formula 1 driver on TopGear’s test track, sorry except Barrichello!
Stig never failed during the laps, except Koenigsegg without wing. He is the perfection of driving. And nobody could able to see his face. I thought the TopGear’s stars saw Stig with casual cloths but he was inside his white suit all the time and his real personality only known by very few people in BBC.
A very basic Google search easily proofs his popularity! 17 millions of hits for Stig and only 10 millions of hits for silicone powered Katie Price (aka Jordan). This is unbelievable, a car show character have more attention than partially naked women!
From this very simple calculation, Stig was supposed to earn more money and Katie Price! However the reality of Stig’s income was the same reality of Katie’s silicone boobs. Fake! From the news, we can understand BBC was giving only a micro portion of Stig phenomenon to Ben Collins and he realized this, like every normal human being. Then he started to write a book about Stig. Unfortunately this happened with previous Black Stig also, he wrote book and BBC killed him. The identity crisis of Stigs is based on money! Because, BBC is making fortune from Stig and he is just making more money and giving driving instructor lessons.
As long as BBC keeps Stig’s budget as tight as Katie’s t-shirts, each Stig will reveal a book :)
By the way my suggestion for the Stig is Tiff Needell!
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Top Gear Magazine Cyprus

I have noticed from the Google search results, there is huge curiosity for Top Gear Magazine Cyprus edition. I don’t know how but those searches end up in my blog :) So, from now on you can find the relevant information my blog. I did the research for you. Actually I just typed “Top Gear Magazine Cyprus”, that’s all!
Imako S.A Publication holds the license for Greece and they are publishing the Greek version of TopGear Magazine since 2007. And as they announced “Top Gear magazine in Cyprus from April 2007. Ιmako Media S.A. and BBC Worldwide Limited, a subsidiary company of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), announce the granting to the publishing company Ν&Μ Mediamorfosis Ltd of a five-year license to use the monthly magazine Top Gear in Cyprus. The magazine, which is expected to be published within April 2007, will be sold as an insert to the newspaper “Fileleftheros”. ( Imako )
So, you might probably find Top Gear Magazine Cyprus edition at nearest newspaper store. But my opinion is, buy the original one. All foreign editions always different from the original one and sometimes they can discuss different topics. In order to read, pure Top Gear Magazine buy the UK version which might be more expensive :(
I do hope that I have helped many people :)