Guess the car!

I have been interested on cars for very long time. I guess since I was born! Actually at those years, I was not able to compare the details, I was only able to identify them by their look. When you are small, design is the best bit and you don’t care about the rest.
As the years have passed, I have driven many different cars and I started to remember their every bit. Especially, interior details. There were some very impressive and there were some very pathetic.
Recently I was looking at my fashion blogger Nelly’s posts and I noticed something interesting! Nelly is a Greek fashion blogger and she has a very creative blog :) (She has more followers than me!) on her blog I noticed a part of a car in her photos but I could not identify it! There was a navigation screen, and this means it might be a premium brand but the air condition knob destroyed the “premium” word. That air condition knob might be from a Nissan or a Renault (They are the same thing now) or something like Kia, may be Toyota or Peugeot, Citroën. But I am hundred percentage sure that, it is not from a German car! I saw that knob in somewhere and it was not built very well. I can remember this very well. Despite my all efforts, I could not manage to find out the brand of this car.
My CSI: Auto ability was not able to solve the case! It might be Nissan Qashqai and also I suspected VW Golf or Passat (The previous models), because they have a very bad built air condition knob but navigation screen changes the pictures!
Comment from Nelly; that’s a Jeep (She means that’s an SUV) or it can be Hyundai :) If you have any idea, please feel free to write on comment :)
Anyway, if you are wondering about the boots they are from Zara :) And you read the rest of the story from the link below.

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Sakis’s Hummer

I was thinking are there any video clips which were taken in Europe and placing a Hummer! Usually Hummer is mostly preferred by the American Rappers, they love to song with their 42inch wheels and flashy interior with 2467873 LCD screens with unidentified exterior colour. This is very usual and nobody would be shocked to a Hummer in those kinds of video clip.
However I watched a video clip and I was shocked by seeing a Hummer H2. Not H1; the petrol eater, usual, inefficient, pointlessly big, ugly, plastic H2. But it becomes more surprising, the video clip is from Greek singer Sakis Rouvas. I was not expecting to see Sakis inside a Hummer H2, what was the producer thinking while placing a Hummer in a video clip! There is one explanation for this, they wanted to get bankrupted very quickly. That machine is eaten petrol like nothing else on planet! Even if you used an Airbus A380 double deck air plane, it would be cheaper than Hummer H2 :)
Hopefully that’s an old video clip and there is no more Hummer brand exists :) Sakis next time try to drive something better like a Range Rover or Mercedes G Class or Toyota LandCruiser not a petrol eater ugly machine :)

And my creation for the lyrics:

I am guessing the lyrics of the song. I bought this Hummer, I don’t know how to fill it up, I decided to make a song for it, may be someone will listen it, then I can fill up my Hummer. I bought this Hummer, I can’t find place to park it, so I drove to mountain but I run out petrol. I bought this Hummer, I wrote this song for it.  
Technical note: Hummer H2 has an inefficient 6,2lt engine which produces only 393 horse powers. Germans are producing 510 horse powers from the same engine with better consumption.
Translation by Google Translate:

Σκεφτόμουν υπάρχουν τα βίντεο κλιπ που ελήφθησαν στην Ευρώπη και την τοποθέτηση ενός Hummer! Συνήθως Hummer είναι ως επί το πλείστον προτιμάται από την αμερικανική Ράπερ, αγαπούν το τραγούδι με 42inch τροχούς τους και φανταχτερός εσωτερικό με 2467873 LCD οθόνες με αγνώστων στοιχείων εξωτερικό χρώμα. Αυτό είναι πολύ συνηθισμένο και κανείς δεν θα είναι συγκλονισμένη με Hummer σε αυτά τα είδη των βίντεο κλιπ.
Ωστόσο Είδα ένα βίντεο κλιπ και σοκαρίστηκα βλέποντας ένα Hummer H2. Δεν Η1? Ο τρώγων βενζίνης, συνήθως, αναποτελεσματικές, άσκοπα μεγάλο, άσχημο, πλαστικό Η2. Αλλά γίνεται όλο και πιο περίεργο, το βίντεο κλιπ από την ελληνική τραγουδιστής Σάκης Ρουβάς. Δεν περίμενα να δω τον Σάκη μέσα σε ένα Hummer H2, ποια ήταν η παραγωγός σκέψης ενώ δίνει Hummer σε ένα video clip! Υπάρχει μια εξήγηση για αυτό, ήθελαν να πάρουν χρεοκοπήσει πολύ γρήγορα. Η εν λόγω μηχανή τρώγεται βενζίνη τίποτα άλλο δεν ήθελα στον πλανήτη! Ακόμα και αν έχετε χρησιμοποιήσει ένα αεροσκάφος Airbus A380 διπλό αεροπλάνο κατάστρωμα, θα είναι φθηνότερο από Hummer H2:)
Ας ελπίσουμε ότι αυτό είναι ένα παλιό βίντεο κλιπ και δεν υπάρχει πλέον μάρκας Hummer υπάρχει:) Σάκης επόμενη φορά που προσπαθείτε να οδηγήσετε κάτι καλύτερο σαν ένα Range Rover ή Mercedes G Class ή Toyota Landcruiser δεν τρώγων βενζίνη άσχημο μηχάνημα:)

Και της δημιουργίας μου για τους στίχους:
Είμαι μαντέψουν τους στίχους του τραγουδιού. Αγόρασα αυτό το Hummer, δεν ξέρω πώς να το γεμίσει, αποφάσισα να κάνω ένα τραγούδι γι ‘αυτό, μπορεί να είναι κάποιος θα το ακούσει, τότε μπορώ να γεμίσουν Hummer μου. Αγόρασα αυτό το Hummer, δεν μπορώ να βρω μέρος για να το πάρκο, γι ‘αυτό οδήγησε στο βουνό, αλλά εγώ τρέχω έξω βενζίνη. Αγόρασα αυτό το Hummer, έγραψα αυτό το τραγούδι για αυτό.

Τεχνική παρατήρηση: Hummer H2 είναι αναποτελεσματικός 6,2 lt κινητήρα, η οποία παράγει μόνο 393 ίπποι. Γερμανοί παράγουν 510 ίπποι από τον ίδιο κινητήρα με την καλύτερη κατανάλωση.

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From Toyota iQ to Aston Martin Cygnet

When I read the press release for Aston Martin’ new car Cygnet (which is based on a Toyota iQ), and it relationship with Toyota an idea balloon appeared in my mind. As you might know, Cygnet will not available to people who do not own an Aston Martin. So this is a very basic way to proof that you own an Aston Martin! And you don’t have to drive your Aston Martin to everywhere. For people who love to show off, this is a very practical way.
Back to idea balloon, Cygnet is based on Toyota iQ! Everything is same, engine, transmission and other things. The only difference is exterior and interior design. As a matter of fact, this is an advantage for people who want to own an Aston Martin in a cheaper way. When the Cygnet is available, I am definitely sure that some people will offer detailed face-lift service for iQs. The face-lift service is going to be turning your Toyota iQ into Aston Martin Cygnet. I think the exterior would be a problem but I am sure that some companies can overcome this problem. Face-lift service will charge you a reasonable price to change the exterior and interior. Interior can also be changeable, but it needs lots of stitching and leather. But, still possible :) And you will have Toyota Aston Martin iQ. And many people will be in queue to turn their car into Aston Martin Cygnet.
Where did I get this idiotic idea? Just look at the automotive portals and check companies like Brabus, Alpine, Lorinser, Carlsson, Mansory. All these companies are tuning Mercedes, BMWs, Range Rovers and many other brands. They totally change the exterior and interior of the vehicles and most of the time, they make something looks much worse but there is a demand for this.
So, if one day you see an advert “Do you want to own an Aston Martin Cygnet? Just Call Us and We Will Help You to Turn Your Toyota iQ into an Aston Martin!”
This car will help Aston Martin to reduce its fleet emission average ;)

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Aston Martin, Toyota

Toyota’s interesting equipment !

I really don’t like to write about Toyota’s creative abilities on marketing! Actually I don’t like to write anything about Toyota, because I don’t like it. I know this is a not a respectful view, if I was a journalist but I am not! However I do like something with Toyota label, and it is called Land Cruiser.
A decade ago, when the SUVs were totally different and Google was not that popular, Land Cruiser was one of the best alternatives on market. It had everything and it had a competitive price. At those times, I had sympathy to Land Cruiser but time has passed, people left their Yahoo mail accounts and started using Gmail, Lady Gaga became popular, every German car company offers an SUV. Basically everything has changed, except Land Cruiser! Toyota still offers terrible, stupid and inefficient diesel engines, plastic interior, wobbling suspension system and offers digital clock, door ajar warning, key-in warning! The best is coming :) Fuel indicator with low fuel warning ! Vawwwwww, welcome to Toyota’s perception to 21th century. Fuel indicator with low fuel warning, I have nothing to say. They wrote this on their website under equipment section. I really wonder which car does not have a fuel indicator? I only want one example? Even the cheap Tata Nano has one.
I think they just want to fill the empty space on their website and they wrote whatever they saw inside the car. Wheels, lights, indicators, doors, windows, engine, brakes. This must be a joke, because there is no relevant explanation for this. Of course the tragedy did not stop here, the new technology diesel engine is a joke also. I cannot under the Toyota’s perception to new technology, three litre turbo diesel engine which produces only 172 horse powers. BMW 320d has more horses than Land Cruiser. I know their explanation , but our engine offers more torque on somewhere more economy and etc…

Basically, if you wish to stop using Google, stop listening Lady Gaga, and switch to modem based internet connection you should buy a Land Cruiser :)

Toyota Land Cruiser Equipments
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Toyota and Lexus are calling us again

This is a social responsibility post!
I recently read the news about Lexus and Toyota recall about brake fluid. Based on press release, brake hydraulic may leak from brake master cylinder and your brake will flash and you will lose some of your braking power.
More basically; if your brake fluid escapes from the car and your brake pedal feels like chewing gum, there is one explanation for this. You are done!! That small brake light which is flashing is the thin line between live and death. So if you have any of these very dull looking, boring, very boring Lexus or Toyota cars start running to workshop. I know new cars looks like Playstation games but there is no restart button!!! So, don’t waste your time going around internet and go to workshop now :)
The interesting point of this recall, what was Toyota thinking while designing the brake system. Come on, hydraulic brake system is older than electric windows. And they should have more experience of brake systems than heating system!
Toyota Recall
Lexus Recall

Achtung! Google

Google’s driverless car became very popular news in everywhere but nobody mentioned the threat! I am not a computer engineer but I do know that; whatever Google works on something, it mostly ends up with success. GMail, Google Earth, GoogleDocs, Google Translate, Android operation system and many other products. And with each product Google becomes a major competitor and sometimes removes some of its competitors, like Nokia vs. iPhone. Nowadays it is Google Android vs. iPhone!
Google Driverless car might seem a testing or project from Silicon Valley guys but this is an important threat to automotive firms especially Bosch and Siemens. These two companies are the manufacturers of engine control units. What is engine control management? Basically, that is everything for your car. It controls engine and its unit also it communicates with other modules like traction control, stability control, radar guided cruise control, automatic breaking system, electric need of the other modules and components. Basically it is the core of the car! And Google’s car is planning to enter this market.
Google is very clever, every new car on earth has engine control unit and other components and market is mainly supplied by Bosch and Siemens. And very profitable! However it is extremely hard to enter this business, you cannot assign your Google Earth team to develop automotive software, because it will end up with catastrophe. In automotive dictionary, catastrophe means accidents and destroying the brand reputation. Therefore car companies may not be a very happy to work with a company which have no experience in automotive except Google Street View car!
This does not mean that Google can create its own automotive department and offer Android for your engine! For that reason, Bosch and Siemens should consider this stupid Toyota Prius driven by Google Search Engine! As I can see from the pictures, Google is recording every kind of information from the car’s sensors. Automotive guys, I know you understood what I mean!

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Bosch, Google, Toyota

Google: GDrive

Our lovely brand Google spent time and created a new project for us. As you know that, Google is offering everything free to us! I really don’t know why they have high amount of love towards. However their services are the most sophisticated ones. After one decade, our computers turned into a machine to connect Google, nothing else. Sure, Facebook too! Without Google computer will be a bit useless.
Google realized this fact and they invested on automotive business. And their CEO told something very interesting. His suggested that, if cars were invented after computers there wouldn’t be accidents. The cars would be driven by computers and computers never make mistake! Yes, computers never make mistake. They just destroy everything in couple seconds, and they are very good at this thing. Honestly, Google services working really well when you compare with Microsoft! But still when it goes off, it terribly goes off.
Based on the Google’s suggestion, computers will be better drivers than us. So, if you are very sure about this interesting statement, why the airplanes are still operated by human !?! Current commercial airplanes have the most sophisticated computers and they nearly make no mistake but there are still pilots! Based on Google’s suggestion everything should be controlled by computers and when the computer crashes everything will crash.
Unfortunately I do not agree with this. Even though Google’s driverless Toyota Prius had no incident for 140 000 miles (224 000 KM). And this is a very good result for a car which is driven by chips. However; if this car’s chip misinterpret the environment and go crazy, I cannot imagine the consequences and it would be worse than human mistakes.
My suggestion to Google; they should keep developing this technology but also they should focus on educating the drivers at the same time! Google can open GDrive service to educate drivers about dangerous driving. Instead making interesting statements, Google can both develop driverless car and train people.
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Pink perspective to automotive business

Right now I am trying to focus on totally something else and avoid writing on my blog. Because I have to concentrate on that subject! Anyway, as you are reading this post my concentration is diverted from that subject to this subject.
Enough with that and this game. I notice something very important for automotive business, I know none of the manufacturer will take it serious but I want to say it :) If you read any consumption report from shinny consultancy firms, you will notice that women don’t care about the price and they want to buy it when they see anything. Therefore, nothing is left on women sections of any department store. We can assume that, women buy with high price and ignore to wait until sales.
This is an important motivation to sell car which are hopeless or they don’t promise any muscular identity. Of course you cannot offer pink coloured Mercedes G Wagon, it has too much testosterone hormone for being pink. But there are some cars which have no hormones! For instance Nissan Micra. My dear blogger friend Iconjane has one. And I know many other girls who own a Micra. Micra is a women car, or in terms of German it has feminine article, Die. You cannot turn Micra into a VW Polo GTi! Micra’s target market is very clear, women!
For instance Fiat 500 is neutral car. It is neither male nor female. In terms of German, that is Das (neutral article). You can offer Abarth version with more horses and you can offer Barbie edition. It is very flexible product. 500 does not give the same message like Micra, “I am female or this car belongs to my wife”.
I cannot ignore the Honda Jazz also, that’s a women car and offers pink. Also Toyota Prius, kind of women car. Electric engine, no proper reason to buy, too silent, too boring; basically it does not offer any excitement. Actually that’s a hopeless car.
Anyway, my suggestion is to offer special women editions for these cars. Christian Louboutin edition, Chanel No.5 (I have no idea how to turn a car into a No.5), Louis Vuitton edition or pink edition. It should motivate women customers to buy! As usual with higher price, this is the basic of automotive business always charge more! So, if you have a women orientated or hopeless car focus on catching women’s’ attention, they would love it :)
By the way, men also spend pointless money on Ferrari Store and Porsche Design store. How do I know, I just look at the mirror !

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Toyota, Honda, Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, Nissan, Fiat

Do you want fake engine noise for your car ?

Since the hybrid phenomenon started a question popped up in my brain. The hybrid cars have the capability to drive through electric motor thanks to batteries. And also they are very silent, efficient and you know the rest. Hybrids are the tree huggers!
But there was a minor detail many people ignored! The electric engines are too silent, that’s not something bad but they too silent for pedestrians. You won’t notice this until a hybrid was one meter away to hit you.
The ultra silent hybrids emerged a new problem of car sound. Because, many of us understand that a car is approaching to us by hearing the engine noise. And hybrids do not have an engine noise while they are using the electric motor. So, we will not hear anything and hybrid might crash to us. I think there are some incidents have happened.
Today Toyota announced that, they will be coupling hybrid vehicles with virtual engine noise! I have never seen more ridiculous that this. A car is making faking noise !?! I hope they will be working with game companies. I cannot imagine this hilarious condition of automotive business. They are trying to find ways to make fake engine noise. I am sure some tuning companies will remap the noise and your Toyota Prius can sound like a Ferrari :)
I am sure some ladies are reading this blog, and I would like provide a different explanation. Hybrids situation is like making fake noises for your high heels and help other people to realize that you are approaching. It is that simple :)
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The art of Aston Martin

There is a long debate about marketing; whether it is science or art. I cannot definitely say marketing is art of science. In some cases, it is reflecting the characteristics of science and in some cases it is reflecting the edges of creativity.
As you know that, couple of months ago Aston Martin announced its pocket sized model Cygnet. It is based on Toyota iQ (with working throttle pedal). Aston Martin just changed its interior and exterior and offered as a new Aston Martin. Engine, transmission and other things did not change, they are the same with normal Toyota iQ. It can be defined as packaging!
Why Aston Martin did this? Last year, every car company realized and felt the reality of global economy and how it can ruin their business. Especially luxury market is serious affected from the crisis and they have to make money to sustain their business. They know the end of story, if they cannot manage their brand properly. So Aston Martin have to produce something relatively cheap and create demand.
It was not easy for Aston Martin as they don’t have any experience on small cars. Also how to sell this car? This is serious marketing issue; if they offer a cheap Aston Martin, everyone will buy one and their next competitor will be Hyundai for next year. Aston Martin will no longer be a James Bond cars. What they have done is something very clever to save the business for future. If you have already have an Aston Martin, you are eligible to buy Cygnet. By this way, the Cygnet which we will on street means that, this person has a decent Aston Martin and this is for daily driving.
This strategy is very clever way to increase sales and protect the brand reputation. They will be many complaints for its performance, handling and other issues but in terms of marketing, this is very a clever method. Except with one drawback; they will sell to people who already to have Aston Martin but how they know that, those people may sell this car for higher price in grey market! Especially emerging markets will be their main environment.
Next year, we will be able to buy a Cygnet in Turkey without having a decent Aston Martin. Aston Martin’s brand image will change in those markets. Many people will not know Cygnet for only Aston Martin owners, they will think “that’s a cheap Aston Martin”!
These kinds of risky marketing strategies have always weakness and Aston Martin knew this. In order to increase sales figures significantly in luxury segment, you have to take risky decisions. What Aston Martin did for Cygnet can be considered as an art of marketing. Ordinary rules for marketing may not help Aston Martin to achieve high sales with Cygnet and protect brand reputation.
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Aston Martin and Toyota Website