Tractor Pulling: The Most Pointless Motor Sport

I don’t like to mention negative criticism in my blog but after watching this video, I couldn’t help myself! Some people on this planet still think that truck or tractor pulling is something cool and considered as a motor sport. Unfortunately, pulling a heavy weight in a straight line and making black smoke is not cool and does not match with the modern world. Why? In modern world, where we live, there is something called emissions levels. And all car manufacturers pay very high attention to emission levels and try their best to reduce it. In addition to this, Formula 1 is focused on reducing emission levels to develop more efficient engines for automotive industry. In summary, automotive world is associated with emission levels and low levels are appreciated!
Unfortunately, pulling a weight in a straight line and showing off your diesel engine with pre-historic technology through huge black smoke cannot be considered as either a motor sport or something cool! Moreover, I have never heard of any technology transfer from weight pulling to automotive industry. I am sorry for my comment but this is what I think about pulling weights!

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