Unicorn Ford Mustang of eBay for the London Pride

The Ford Mustang is officially a unicorn and eBay proved it for London Pride 2017! To mark the occasion, the online marketplace transformed a 1968 Ford Mustang into a “unicorn”. The mystical motor will make its debut at the London Pride Parade on Saturday before being sold with all proceeds going to LGBT charity – the Albert Kennedy Trust. The charity supports young 16-25 year olds from the LGBT community who are homeless or living in a hostile environment.

The Ford Mustang is one of the most iconic cars from the 1960s. Whether you like the Mustang or not, you can deny its role in people’s lives and history. For many years, the Mustang was the reason to have a summer holiday in the US, just to experience the Mustang. I am not saying experiencing a car, it is an experience of the Mustang!

You might be thinking what is really special with the Mustang, there were many cars built in 1960s but why people were obsessed with the Mustang?

The soul, Mustang was always a unique rule breaker car. Especially when we think about the 1960s, everything in society was in constant change. People’s lifestyles, how they live, how they eat, how they perceive the world. The Mustang wasn’t a subtle car, it was loud and fast. It was part of the 1960s! It had a personality and that’s why people loved it. They have something common with the ’68 Mustang. It is more than a car. It is your friend. It is someone who can tell you the story of the 1960s!

It never had a perfect drivetrain or the most efficient engine. However, it was a living organism on four wheels.

For a long time, we didn’t have Mustangs in the UK because the steering wheel was positioned on the opposite side. However, this didn’t deter UK Mustang fans! In London especially, many people drove left-hand drive Mustangs for years. That’s why the Mustang is a perfect car to be associated with London Pride. It is a car that hinders lots of memories.

eBay’s mystical vehicle restoration took 30 days and was created from parts and accessories sourced on eBay (this means, you can find any car part on the eBay, keep in mind!).
The transformation was carried out by a skilled team of five; including mechanic and the London Organiser of Gay Classic Car Group Darren Sullivan Vince.
What has changed underneath the Mustang? They didn’t just add a unicorn horn on the bonnet! The project has involved upgrading the rear shocks and springs, installing a new radiator, hoses and water pump, fitting a new bonnet complete with a unicorn horn, customised ‘unicorn’ lettering on the boot, and wings which are made from plastazote with a steel skeleton.

What will happen next? eBay customers (probably you are one of them) will have the chance to donate at the check-out during London Pride. In addition, the sales of the unicorn vehicle will be donated to the Albert Kennedy Trust as well.

eBay has added a link called “Follow The Rainbow” on their home page. Cut and paste the following link to your browser where you can find out more about the car, the plans, the people, or make a donation to this great charity.

Learn more: Pride | eBay

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