An Unimog for The Rails

The Unimog U423 for the rails, probably the only cool vehicle from the Mercedes-Benz stable. Unlike its passenger vehicles and SUVs, the Unimog is not designed to impress people. Rather, it is designed to do the job that is promoted for which it is designed . As you can understand from my words, I am not a fan of the G-Wagon anymore and of the rest of the Mercedes-Benz SUV range. However, Mercedes-Benz trucks and heavy duty vehicles are my favourites. They are built to do their job until they are due to come out of service.

Recently, Mercedes-Benz announced a new version of the Unimog designed for the rail network. Usually, Unimogs are used on rail tracks involving a special system. You would probably see them in many places around the Europe. However, those Unimogs were not designed for rail transport, they were adapted to the rails!

This time, Mercedes-Benz has created a Unimog that is capable of towing 1000-tonnes of wagons, powered by a 5.1-lt four-cylinder diesel engine with 900 nm of torque. Probably you will be saying ‘Oh my Range Rover has more power than a Unimog’. However, heavy duty engines are designed to work under heavy workloads and at low RPMs. The amount of torque from this engine at the idle can be more than your peak torque! The top speed of this Unimog on the rails is 50 km/h. It also features a braking system for the wagons.

The traction is applied to the rails by conventional rubber tyres and designed to be used on various rail gauges.

If you are still thinking your SUV is cool, you haven’t seen this vehicle yet!

Mercedes-Benz Unimog 2-Wege: Wirtschaftliches Rangieren von Anhängelasten bis zu 1000 t bei vergleichsweise leichtem Fahrzeuggewicht ; Mercedes-Benz road-rail Unimog: economical shunting with up to 1000 t towing capacity and a relatively light vehicle weight.;

Unimog U 423 mit Drehschemel-Schienenführung und langem Radstand für Arbeitseinsätze bei Straßenbahnnetzen mit deren engen Kurvenradien. ; Unimog U 423 with guidance bogie rail gear and long wheelbase for use on tram tracks with tight curve radii.;

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mercedes Unimog

Mercedes Unimog! Forget Range Rover, ignore Mercedes G-Wagoneven don’t mention Toyota Land Cruiser. Mercedes Unimog is the king of off-road. And many people never heard of Unimog, however they saw it many times.
Unimog is the four-wheel commercial vehicle of Mercedes. However, Unimog has a unique design and character since it was first built. Unimog always had the pick-up design, huge wheel and enormous off-road capabilities. For me, it is the best for off-road! Therefore, nearly whole countries in the world prefer Unimog for emergency services.
Recently, Arnold Schwarzenegger bought a $250.000 Mercedes Unimog to replace his super-efficient Hummer H1. Firstly, it is good to hear that Arnold realised that Hummer H1 was useless and secondly, it is not good to see that Arnold will be turn Unimog into pimp my ride car. And I really wonder what Arnold will do with Unimog? Provide public services such as; clearing snow in California, towing vehicles, towing trains, moving heavy items, cleaning road with special extension. Whatever Arnold tries to do with Unimog, there is a limitation! Unimog cannot do more than 120 kph (75 mph)
After Arnold’s move, I am definitely sure that, many Hollywood star will replace their Range Rover and Mercedes G-Wagon for an Unimog. But keep in mind, Unimog is huge!

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Mercedes-Benz New Actros and Unimog

Mercedes-Benz’s new Actros, for me this is the best looking truck on planet! They have a great design team for commercial vehicles and with this new Actros, they went beyond the passenger vehicles! This new Actros has radar guided cruise control, auto brake function, new efficient engines, an amazing key with millions of functions, interior is very well built and you can find more on the footage!

Also, you can find photos of Mercedes’s the best off-road vehicle, Unimog!

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Commercial Vehicle Show 2012, Birmingham

Today for the first time I visited a commercial vehicle show, Birmingham Commercial Vehicle Show 2012. Similar to passenger vehicle show, they were many new technologies and new vehicles, however I don’t have adequate knowledge to compare or judge the vehicles like I do it with passenger vehicles.

Commercial vehicles are totally different, even their marketing is different. People never buy a commercial vehicle because they want one, they buy it because they need one! This is the difference between passenger vehicle and commercial vehicles, wants and needs!

So, before the show finishes I highly suggest you to visit it. Because, you will see the new gorgeous Mercedes-Benz Actros, E-Vito (Electric powered), Unimog. Also, Citroën has a great show and one of the best stand in CV Show! You should see it. Ford revealed the new Tourneo and Transit, also they have a 3.2-lt diesel Ranger pick-up. Peugeot also features an electric vehicle. MAN features only two tow trucks but you can see how a diesel engine looks like from inside. Lastly, you can play a remote control LGV model and try to park in reverse! And there are lots of many industrial products that I am not interested at all. And some models!

Still, worth a visit :) It will be open until Thursday from 08:30 to 17:30
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