Official Bugatti Video or Not !?!

Finally the Bugatti is on YouTube but, with only four videos and very low view rate. They would definitely increase their ratings, as people discover it. I am not going talk about the rating on YouTube, I want to talk about the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse’s YouTube video. It is totally disappointing.
I am not a video expert and I cannot judge it precisely but from a very basic approach to video, I can say that it does not look that exquisite or expensive. Actually, it looks like Bugatti was pushing the agency to finish the video and they did everything in hurry!

Why? Firstly, there is no engine noise! People want to hear W16 Quad Turbo engine! That’s the fantasy of Bugatti. This is like 1900s silent movie, no engine noise. Secondly, the whole video is not that sharp, the contrast of the Veyron’s colour is not clear. Actually, blur footage leads to lose concentration on the car.

During the transitions, the angles are changing from close to very wide and you feel the editing. Also, in the beginning the technical information looks really amateur. Everyone can do this with editing tools. This information should be placed during the video as a caption. So, viewer can associate the right meaning with right moment. Otherwise, for many people 1500 nm torque does not mean anything.

Of course, there are good parts! The intro is really good, the helicopter angles, high speed camera scenes are amazing. It is obvious that, Bugatti spent a lot of money for the video in a compressed time-frame.

On the contrary, some parts of the car is getting inside and outside of the frame too quickly. This shows that camera crew car could not keep up with the Bugatti. Moreover, the scene from the side of the car looks nice in photographs but does not match with this video. Another downside is some of parts are turn into slow by software. They don’t seems to be taken by high speed camera, especially the ones from the helicopter angle.
I don’t like to critise like this but, Bugatti could have made something much much better than this. This car costs nearly € 2 Millions, it is the most expensive production car in automotive history and Bugatti has adequate money to do better. Sorry :(

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Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse

Recently Bugatti announced the world’s most powerful and fastest cabrio car, Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport  itesse. If you are looking for the meaning of Vitesse, here is the definition; in French Vitesse means speed! And Grand Sport is a quite quick enough to deserve Vitesse! Extra information, Bugatti is French but owned by German car manufacturer Volkswagen Group. Technically, it is half French half German.
Let’s move to Grand Sport Vitesse’s technical information. It has an 8-lt W16 quad turbo petrol engine produces 1200 PS and 1500 nm of torque. 7-speed double clutch (DSG) auto gearbox, you may have this gearbox in your VW Polo as well, so there is a reason to be happy for Polo owners! It is also four-wheel drive and best part is coming! It consumes 37,2 lt/km in city, 14,9 lt/km out-of-city and 23,1 lt/km in combined. For sure, these values are the official numbers, it is really hard to achieve these. 
And if you floor the throttle 410 kph is your top speed with 1,4 g lateral acceleration. g-force value means, when you accelerate with Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse your body will face 1,4 times of your body weight. If you weight 100 kg and driving this car, when you accelerate, you will feel 140 kg!
And this huge car can stop from 100 kph to 0 in 31,4 meters! This is really short distance, probably your internal organ change their places! And best bit is coming, Grand Sport Vitesse emits 867 g/km CO2 in city, if you want to be more environmental you need to be out-of-city and achieve 348 g/km CO2, and if you want to be partially environmental 539 g/km combine CO2.
If you want to know more about the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse’s technical details just check the link below. It has everything from gearbox shift time to airbrake’s angle!

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse Technical Information

And for more photos: Cars & Life Facebook Page

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Second Hand Bugatti Veyron

I always do my best to prepare article that are demanded by my readers. And for long time, I noticed that many people on Google looking for a reasonably priced second hand Bugatti Veyron. I do know that, it is a very big problem. Veyron’s production come to the end and many people are desperate own one.

Hopefully, after very long research I found one in London. 2009 model  Centenaire Villa d’Este Coupe with only 1,056 miles and coloured with blue and shining metal just for £1,100,000 :) This is a limited edition, a bargain!

Here is the link for the car :)



Bugatti Veyron Super Sport vs. Porsche 911 Turbo S vs. Nissan GTR by Road & Track Test

Road & Track is an American car magazine and quite well known around the world. Recently, they made a great test of three amazing cars! Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, Nissan GTR and Porsche 911 Turbo S. All these cars are state of art engineering of automotive industry and present devastating performance.

Road & Track made a video to show the performance of these three cars. They calculated each of the cars’ acceleration performances. According to magazine, this measure is more appropriate than the maximum speed level. And I do agree with them, top speed is a bit utopic number for these cars. Especially, Veyron is capable of achieving more than 400kph, which is quite impossible to achieve on normal road condition.

The test shows that Bugatti is far beyond the other cars, but there is a mistake in this test. Road & Track did not measure these cars handling capabilities. People do not buy these cars to do drag races, they drive them in daily condition and handling is important as acceleration. If a car does not provide a proper handling, the acceleration becomes meaningless.

This test is exciting to watch but I cannot consider as a good performance measure. They should have done it like European magazines do it!

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What did you do Monsieur Bugatti ?

A few days ago Bugatti announced the new model Super Sport which produces 1200 horse power to reach 430 km/h speed! That’s really amazing and exciting. Also this hormone fed Veyron is offered by orange and black colours. This colour combination is a symbol of new Veyron. This PR campaign is very well designed to reflect Super Sport’s super character but there is a minor problem.
Recently Citroën announced new DS3. Like Mini, this is a rebirth of an old iconic model. Everything is normal until now. Citroën decided to offer a quicker version of DS3 and called it DS3 Racing; excellent! And they revealed the pictures of Racing version, this 200 horse power version of DS3 is shown with orange and black colours!
Two French car manufacturers are revealing their quicker versions and they are using same coloured cars for their press release. I have nothing to say. I have never been to France, maybe this is something traditional in French car industry but a very funny coincident. We learn one thing from this; if you wish to release a quicker French car, paint it to orange and black :) And if you cannot afford to buy a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, just buy a Citroën DS3 Racing; they are in same colour :)
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Citroën and Bugatti Websites

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport: + 200 horses

In 1932, Empire States Building was the tallest building on earth. Many people thought that, it is impossible to go higher than this, the limits of engineering has been achieved. And is it necessary to have a higher building? We did not run out of land or anything else happened, so why we are going up and up! When you search for tall buildings, you will end up with many many building with great architecture achievements. Now there is a building which is 828 metres and built on sand! There is nothing left to 1000 metres.
Of course with these congested sky scrappers world, there is one tower has something very special. The Eiffel Tower; since 1889, its staggering 324 metres of height and its steel construction still nothing has replaced its position. When you talk about France, it is very hard to ignore Bugatti. Like Eiffel Tower, Bugatti is always the most powerful car of its era. Unlike Eiffel, Bugatti has chance to introduce more powerful cars :)
I am pretty sure that, many people were satisfied with 1001 horse powers of Veyron and they started to get bored! Like Eiffel Tower, it is tall but we want to see something different. That’s only 1001 horses, we want more! And Bugatti listened those sounds and planning to introduce a more powerful Veyron for people who found 1001 insufficient for their daily trips.
Bugatti will be put 1200 horses into this new Veyron (Super Sport) and they started to receive the deposit payments. And it is not limited with more 200 horses, it will be 300 kilos lighters also. More power, less weight! The best combination for a car. You will have the all power on earth in a one single car! I really wonder what would be the top speed !?! And where you can achieve that speed :)
Like contemporary tall buildings, this new Veyron will be totally unbelievable but like Eiffel Tower, the first Veyron will be remembered! It is the first mass produced car with 1001 horses.
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Bugatti and Eiffel Tower Websites
Technical Data are based on website.

Veyron Le Locomotive

When you buy a Bugatti Veyron, you will a big problem! You paid more than a million euro a car with thousand horses. But you still have a problem! You cannot use the full potential of your Veyron in open roads. Even if you are living in Germany with unlimited autobahns, you still have some traffic. It is quite hard to find a place to speed and you cannot predict the road and unfortunately there are some corners as well. Now, there is a solution for this!
I have an idea for Bugatti. Bugatti loves to introduce unique limited editions of Veyron. I think they could combine; railways and Veyron for another limited edition. As you know that, France has the most sophisticated fast trains in the world and Bugatti is a French brand. So, why they don’t combine these two different things :) A Veyron which could go on railways. Mercedes offers this technology on their truck range; with the help of a special feature, trucks are able to travel on the railways.
Veyron Le Locomotive will provide opportunity to speed up your car without any limitations and also you don’t need to hold the steering wheel and no need for ESP. There should be a button for using the railways, car will disengage the ABS and ESP, because railways don’t need any stability control and also there is no way to use steering wheel while breaking. So, there two systems won’t be necessary. Speeding up to 400 km/h will not a big problem and you can stay relaxed at any speed :)
I know this sound funny, however Bugatti is offering a new limited edition to increase profit. After some time, there won’t be any option to extend it and it could end up with very close to this funny model.
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Perfect Combination for Bugatti Veyron

Matching shoes and handbags are vital for ladies. For every occasion they try their best to match two things together. This complicated and tiring process is a part of every ladies life!
If you are man, you don’t need to care about these things very much, until now! In Holland, a Bugatti Veyron is on sale with a same colour transporter truck. There is one thing more cool than Bugatti Veyron is a Bugatti Veyron with transporter truck with the same colour!
This interesting matching is available JamesList website. However there is one thing interesting; Bugatti is produced by VW and the truck is Mercedes Atego. In my opinion to make a better match, the truck should have been a MAN, as the MAN is partly owned by VW.
Anyway, if you have €895,000 to spend for a car, you have bargian here! Click Here