Luxury Holiday in Lake Garda: Villa Feltrinelli

Villa Feltrinelli is a hotel placed in north of Italy and next to Lake Garda. It is a great destination to have a holiday and experience your GT car such as; Bentley Continental GT, Ferrari FF or Bugatti Veyron. If you have Aston Martin or a diesel Mercedes S-Class, they will be welcome as well.

Villa Feltrinelli was opened to business on 1892 and its designed was inspired by neo-gothic. It was built by the Feltrinelli family and during the 1990s was acquired by the Bob Burns and since 2001, it serves as a world-class hotel.

Villa Feltrinelli offers 21 rooms with each of them features antique furniture and just a few steps away the Lake Garda. Vacations next to Italian lakes were well known by elite people around the world until George Clooney promoted the Lake Como and they became popular.

The price of staying in Villa Feltrinelli is not over expensive but also not that reasonable. If you can afford to drive to Lake Garda with your GT car, the pricing will not a be problem for you.











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Villa Feltrinelli, Bentley