Volkswagen Eos vs. Volkswagen Golf Cabrio

You didn’t read wrong, VW revealed a new Golf Cabrio. After this car, VW’s cabrio strategy became more complicated than Paris Hilton’s love life! Currently in VW range, there is a car called Eos and this is a cabrio, actually it is a coupe cabrio with a metal roof. However, it is open top car! And VW decided to stop Golf Cabrio, when they revealed the VW Eos and it was a very good decision. Because, Eos and Golf Cabrio would definitely collapsed with each other.
Interestingly, VW changed mind and revealed the new Golf Cabrio. It is not a coupe cabrio with a metal roof, it has a soft top but still open top car. I really wonder how consumers will react to this; they both offer four seat and they look very similar to each other. And I find really hard to find a different among these two cars! My opinion is still Eos is a better option, thanks to its metal roof. Unless you buy a Rolls Royce or Bentley, I don’t like soft top cars.
Probably, either Eos or Golf Cabrio will be erased from production, and it will be decided by the consumers!
I didn’t wish to discuss the technical features, because they are identical with each other! VW, unexpectedly revealed a car that is going to be a competitor of their own car.

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