VW Polo Dad Advertisement: Is VW Polo a Safe Car?

Volkswagen Polo Dad advertisement, don’t worry I will not connect the Polo Dad with Kate Upton’s Cat Daddy video. But it does sound a very idea. Anyway, I recently watched the Volkswagen UK’s Polo Dad advertisement after they released it ten months ago. As you can easily realise that I don’t watch TV. If any video or advertisement is not available on YouTube, then I am a bit unaware of it :P

(Volkswagen UK made a very creative advertisement. A child does take so much sacrifice to raise and no one want their kids to have a poorly made car. Advertisement gives the message, you can remember it very easily and the scenario did not overcome the brand, well done.)

I am definitely sure, after the VW Polo Dad advertisement, many parents started to Google, “is VW Polo safe” or “is VW Polo a car safe” and this combination goes forever. So, I decided to express my personal opinion about VW Polo’s safety. Here is the proof from EuroNCAP, Polo received 5-star!

Literally, VW Polo is a safe car, don’t worry. I know you want more information than my one sentence statement. Polo is a small but it is larger than the first generation VW Golf, so it is not that small. Are small cars safe? Yes, they are safe. Being small does not mean that VW Polo will be a weak car during a crash. The important point with the car safety is the manufacturing technologies and crash avoidance systems. Polo is a product of Volkswagen Group, and they have most advanced manufacturing technology in automotive industry. VW uses laser-welding technology. This increase the strength of the Polo’s structure and enables to overcome serious impacts. Also, engineering of the car is very important. A very well engineered small car may offer better safety than a ten-year old SUV.

Modern cars are engineered way different than the old cars. During a crash, VW Polo will transfer the energy of the impact outside of the cabin. Thus, the crash impact will be distributed around the vehicle and occupants receive the least from the crash. You can notice this quite easily, just check crashed modern cars; their whole body receives the impact and the cabin stays safe. This is pure engineering.

And while ordering the VW Polo ask the dealer for the optional safety features. Car companies update their packages too often and it is really hard to keep up with them. And order every type of safety features. They all worth that money! Some of the standard electronic safety systems; “ESP (Electronic Stabilisation Programme) including ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), HBA (Hydraulic Brake Assist), EDL (Electronic Differential Lock) and ASR (Traction Control)”.

And avoid 3-door version, it looks ugly! I am really VW but three-door Polo does not have nice proportion, may be this is due to lack of golden ratio. Five-door Polo does look way better.

Built quality of VW Polo? Volkswagen Group manufactures Audi and Bentley, so Polo offers the best interior quality on market.

Honestly, I always wanted to have a VW Polo. I really don’t know why but there is something attractive with this car.

And if you are reading this article alone, you can watch the Kate Upton’s Cat Daddy video. If you are reading with your wife, you can watch the VW Polo Dad advertisement again :)

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