End of World Wide Web?

End of World Wide Web is coming! I know this sounds like the cover of a cheap magazine where you see on pavement. However, we spend less on web site than 2011 during 2012. According to data from Wired September 2013 issue; on 2011 we spend 72 minutes per day on internet and this dropped to 70 minutes per day on 2012. 

So what we did during the 2 minutes? We used more mobile apps! On 2011, we only spent 94 minutes per day on mobile apps and on 2012, we got crazy and spent 127 minutes per day! We reduced our web experience and compensate with mobile apps.

The main reason for this, internet is too complicated to use for basic things like checking weather or reserving a place at cinema. However, mobile apps gives us what we need! If you want to check weather, you only touch the weather app and that’s all. 

As human beings are designed for laziness, we started to like the way how mobile apps make our life easier and started to approach internet as something a bit more complicated.

This dramatic decrease on internet may not look that bad but if you do a forecasting for future, we can see that mobile apps will be the future. In ten years time, internet will be a technology that won’t be popular as now, it will be used but not like old days. And app business will expand, as a result of this search engine wars will evolve into mobile app search wars.