Yada Events App #startup

I know I should have updated my Start Up section. However, I am back to startups. This time, it is an event app called Yada. I met with the creator at WeWork a couple of months ago. Yada is a very unique event app that is designed for creating and managing events very effectively and quickly. Unlike other platforms designed to discover events, the Yada app is focused on the management side. For the people who attend the event, the discovery function will show them future relevant events based on events they have attended before.

You might be thinking that Eventbrite and Facebook Events are already here, why do we need another app? The answer simple, they are too complicated to create and manage the event.

Here are some questions to the Yada’s founder Mehram;

  1. Can you describe your app in three sentence to us?
    We like to call our app the complete events app because unlike any other events app that is out there, we offer our users everything from the creation of an event page, through to the connection with attendees and the collaboration of photos, videos and comments in a singular platform. Our USP is our LiveView, a real-time slideshow of attendee’s content that can be projected onto screens around the venue or viewed of devices remotely.
  2. What was your motivation whilst developing this app?
    Our motivation was and still is to create something unique, innovative and standout from other apps in this sector. We have no direct competitor and that is something that I am proud to say. We are redeveloping our app next year and we are adding lots more features and functionality. Things are very exciting for us at the moment!
  3. Can we know more about you and your team?
    Our team is a great combination of wise old owls and young, creative graduates. We have a parent company called Expede IT Solutions Ltd. that is built up of IT and business professionals that have worked together for a long time and definitely know what they are talking about. Team yada, which I manage, is creative, fun and youthful. We currently have 3 people in our team but are expanding and growing quickly.
  4. What was the biggest challenge of your start up?
    The biggest challenge of our start-up is trying to be patient. It was so easy at the beginning and sometimes still is to get carried away and focus on the things that aren’t important. Unless you have a solid plan and roadmap of where you want to go, it is easy to get lost in the hundreds of tasks that need to be done every week. Every day I make a list and label each item from high importance to low importance. This helps me focus and make sure that things get done.

Download the app;

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