Bentley Bentley Bentley, Money Money Money

I am sure that when you can afford to buy a Bentley, your snobbish instincts will not stop there! You want to show off you Bentley in every detail and pour money to things which have Bentley logo. I really like Bentley but the things with Bentley logo are not that attractive. However, for people who are looking for Bentley life style, here is the chance :)
If you saved enough money and worked like crazy for a Bentley, probably you did not have time to do anything else rather than working. And now you have to chance to break you leg in very luxury way :) Our first Bentley item is coming from Zai; Swiss ski maker. The priviledge to break your leg in with a limited edition ski is €6800.
Probably, before you made this fortune you were wearing Rayban of something like that! Now you can throw away your Rayban and buy Estede for Bentley gun glass for €11500 (platinum model). Honestly, it looks very similar to Rayban, so don’t waste your money and go buy a Prada :)
I am pretty sure that, while saving your money to a buy a Bentley, you have played lotto and any kind of game which can give you millions easily. During that time, you were using the rubbish Bic pencil! And now you have the chance to fill your lotto with something classier :) Tibaldi for Bentley at the price of €4500. Also this pencil has “the proportion between the pen’s cap and the visible portion of the barrel when the pen is closed equals the phi ratio, 1.618”. I don’t how this will affect your writing or luck or creativity.
And lastly we have Breitling for Bentley but this is not something new. But if you want to have that watch and if you are slim, start doing sports. Unless, watch in your arm will look the one in train stations :)
The best looking thing from Bentley does not have any information from the press release. Ettinger leather goods! This is best of the things Bentley is offering :)
Honestly, Bentley Continental GT Speed is one of my favourite car. It has luxury, comfort, powerful engine, 12 cylinders, four-wheel drive. Anything you would expect to see in a car.