How Many Aston Martin Cygnet sold in UK on 2011?

Aston Martin Cygnet is one of the biggest question marks in automotive industry. It is popped up version of Toyota iQ! The engine is same, transmission is same, suspension is same; actually except exterior and interior, the rest of the car is same. Toyota delivers the iQ to Aston Martin semi-naked and, Aston Martin dresses up with lots of leather. However, you still have the same Toyota key! Therefore, I consider Cygnet as a fashion accessory. If I consider it as a luxury ultra mini car, I have to criticise the unchanged parts from Toyota and their restless harmony with the Aston Martin badge.
Recently, I found out that Aston Martin managed to sell only 89 Cygnets last year in UK. Just 89! From an optimistic perspective, Mercedes sold only 5 Maybachs in 2011! I guess 89 can be considered as a moderate success!
This two-digit number, 89, proofs that even people who will not bothered to spend £31.000 on a small car did not like the idea of Aston Martin’s Toyota iQ interpretation. If a car company plans to introduce a luxury model, they have to revise the engine software, exhaust design, suspension settings and offer the same key with the rest of the fleet! Honestly, I really like how Cygnet looks like but I would never pay that money!
In terms of fashion, this is like; Louis Vuitton buys unprinted t-shirts from H&M and sends to LV. Then LV, attaches some leather and replace the brand sticker inside and sell it under LV brand.

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Aston Martin


6-speed manual (with Stop & Start technology and gear shift indicator)

Optional Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) (with Eco Driving Indicator)


Max Power 72 kW (97 bhp / 98 PS)at 6000 rpm

Max Torque 125 Nm (92 lb ft)at 4400 rpm

Max Speed 170 km/h (106 mph)
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (62 mph)
– 11.8 seconds (6-speed manual)
– 11.6 seconds (CVT)
Fuel economy
EU combined test cycle
– 5 l/100km / 56.5 mpg [6-speed manual]
– 5.2 l/100km / 54.3 mpg [CVT]
EU Urban test cycle
– 5.8 l/100km / 48.7 mpg [6-speed manual]
– 6.1 l/100km / 46.3 mpg [CVT]
EU Extra Urban test cycle
– 4.5 l/100km / 62.8 mpg [6-speed manual]
– 4.6 l/100km / 61.4 mpg [CVT]
CO2 emissions
EU combined test cycle
– 116 g/km [6-speed manual]
– 120 g/km [CVT]

Fuel tank capacity: 32litres

Kerb Weight: 988kg