Future of driving: Radar

Last night I was watching a documentary about how the radar significantly changed the fate of Second World War. Actually this technology significantly changed world’s history. Now radars are used in everywhere; if you buy a Mercedes S Class with all technological gadgets, you will have parking radars, short range radars for scanning car in front you, long range radars to scan ongoing traffic. In Lexus, they also offer rear radar to move head rests to change their position before rear end crash.
What I am going to say will probably sound like talking about ultra thin flat screen in 1920s! Probably somewhere in Deutschland, some German companies are working on this. I am talking about radars to show the cars around us. As I know, cars are not flying and it is quite hard to scan the whole traffic in ground is quite hard but their assumption; cars will communicate with each other. With the help of GPS and mobile phone technology, they can tell other cars about their exact position and drivers can see what is coming next.
Some people are saying all these technologies will create cars which could drive by their selves. Actually, we have it and it is called taxi (Reference, Top Gear James May). I want to give a very simple example; do the airplanes fly without pilots? I have never seen a plane without pilot taking off or landing. Yes, they have lots of supplementary systems for fly safety but still they need pilots. It is the same with cars, as we have more and more technology we will keep driving the cars. Because, all these systems are identifying world with 1 and 0 numbers. Actually this perspective to world is very limited and I would not totally rely my life on a machine which does not know the number next to 1 and I will keep driving with the help of ones and zeros.
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