The most attractive VW

I am not talking about Touareg which looks like nothing! I am talking about a car which grabs the road like a cheetah, shows its irresistible face to every car’s rear mirror, while it is travelling you are expecting road to stretch to resists its tyres. I am talking about VW Scirocco! VW’s best designed car, I really don’t like VW design until now. With Scirocco, even the Audi A3’s big mouth got bigger. A3 was not expecting this kind of excellent design from VW, because it is Volkswagen (Peoples’ Car). Now it is Peoples’ Stylish Car!
Scirocco is a sign of a new era in VW and we saw it with Passat CC. VW also got bored its design culture, because it is too boring to call it boring, except Phaëton. Since now, VW was the car for families who are looking for very stylish car and VW was offering everything except design! VW proofed that you don’t need to have lots of money to buy a car which looks very good and also they could design better than Audi. Ten years later, if VW’s design get betters like that nobody would buy Audi. And also VW will not be a car for boring people to increase their boringness.