The most useless flappy gear pedals by BMW (Revised)

As we are in 2010, I thought that I should nominate the flappy gearboxes on market and choose the worst one :) The flappy gearboxes, which you could change the gears from steering wheel became popular by Ferrari. However at those times, end of 1990s, there was only Alfa Romeo Selespeed available and it was rubbish. Two useless button buttons like we see on ATM machines and they were very slow to act, but it was a long time ago. During 2000s; Mercedes started to offers very small buttons for gear changes on steering and replaced with bigger ones, Lamborghini, VW, Porsche, BMW, Citro├źn and many more started to offer gear changes through the steering wheel.
Unfortunately, BMW made the useless one, as they did with first generation iDrive. First generation iDrive can be considered as the most complicated invention in automotive industry, which does not let any driver to use it unless you are fourteen, and you would not be a driver!

Sadly, BMW’s flappy pedals are not designed in a good way. Why? Gear changes are very quick but it works a bit in an unusual way. In normal conditions; when you pull the right flap on steering wheel, car increase the gear. For instance; your are driving in 3rd gear and you pulled the right flap and now you are in 4th gear. This works the same in BMW but when you wish to lower the gear, in normal conditions you will pull the left flap. You wish to lower the gear from 4th to 3rd and you pull the left flap on steering wheel. And I did the same in BMW and I was in 5th gear! In BMW, you suppose push the those flap in order to lower the gear! This is like; while going out from a shop you have to pull the door to exit. Yes, there are some place you suppose to pull the door and as usual people struggle to do it.

And my only nomination for the complicated flappy gear pedals is BMW! and winner is BMW :)
Please BMW; try to design things which normal people can use !

Edit: This design has changed, now the flaps are works as you expected :)