Better than Botox; 911 Turbo S

As we expected, Porsche announced the 911 Turbo S model. There is an interesting coincident for Turbo S! Whenever the product life cycle starts to go down, Porsche is introducing Turbo S model. This happened for Cayenne also! When the life cycle comes to end, Porsche immediately boost the Turbo :)
From one side, this is very nice. More powerful Turbo! New 911 Turbo S is achieving 100km/h in just 3,3 seconds! This is an unbelievable performance. Let me describe this differently; when you floor the gas pedal (hopefully does not stuck like Toyota) you won’t need to do a Botox. Because of the G force, your face will look younger ;) This performance level cannot be compared with anything else, because Bugatti Veyron is wasting 2,7 seconds to rich 100km/h. 911 Turbo S is also a bargain :)
Let me summarize it, if you wish to look younger buy a 911 Turbo S.