Porsche Panamera V6 in China

Couple of years ago, car manufacturers were revealing their new cars in Geneva or Frankfurt Motor Shows. However world has changed and car companies also changed! European market turned into a place where nobody wants to buy car or they are taking so much time for purchase decision, the car is being replaced :)
On the other hand; emerging markets like China is looking for new cars and they are ready to buy without asking too much questions :) Therefore, car companies started to produce cars which are targeted for Asian markets. Porsche Panamera, Aston Martin Rapide are very good examples.
Let’s go back to Porsche. As I told in earlier articles, Porsche loves to introduce Turbo S in the end of product life-cycle and loves to introduce V6 model after couple of months in new vehicles. This only happened with Cayenne! And now Porsche Panamera, my second best Porsche after 911, is not offered with V6 engine. Unlike Cayenne’s insufficient engine, this one produced 300 horsepower from 3,6lt V6 engine.
Unfortunately, this engine is not my favourite but it is good chance to own Panamera with better price ;)
Pictures are from;
Porsche Website