A good looking Maybach :O

If you are interested on cars, you would probably know about Maybach. Mercedes’s ultra luxury brand which has a worse sales performance than any wheeled vehicle on earth! Since it was on market, it was not able to reach a sustainable sales performance. After the Rolls Royce Phantom introduced on market, Maybach’s market share shrunk more and more! Main problem was Mercedes’s mentality, they thought that; if we put millions of chips and technology and ignore design, we can sell it. Unfortunately, customers of ultra luxury segment do not care that much of your sophisticated technology as you predicted!
As the years have passed, Maybach situation became worse and worse. Mercedes recently discussed to shut down the brand in future, may be! While these rumours are around, a company in Germany designed a coupe version of Maybach. And they transformed the most boring ultra luxury car into something really looking good :) The boring looking Maybach changed totally by turning into a coupe. Mercedes should have released this model years ago and save the brand!
In my opinion, it is one of the best looking luxury coupe on market! And I am sure that Maybach coupe will have much better sales performance than the normal Maybach. Honestly, any car which is selling more than 200 per year has better performance than Maybach!
Pictures are taken from;
Mercedes and Worldcarfans Websites