Bugatti 16C Galibier and its friends

Bugatti recently revealed their four door sedan, Bugatti 16C Galibier. I think we should not say sedan to a car which is producing one thousand horsepower! When Bugatti puts this car on production, it will be the most powerful sedan has ever been produced. However Bugatti is not planning to produce 16C Galibier until Veyron is on production. Their plan is to produce Galibier after the Veyron is finished.

Recently, some people saw the Galibier near Molsheim, France (Bugatti HQ). However, I noticed something from the pictures. This car is looking very similar to BMW 5 GT and Porsche Panamera. Yes, these cars are just costing no more than a Bugatti gear lever but their similarity is very interesting. Like Veyron, Galibier has the identical Bugatti DNAs in its design but product extension strategies are obsessed, they started to look very similar to each other.

Therefore, I have posted the pictures of Porsche Panamera, BMW 5 GT and Bugatti 16C Galibier. Panamera is the best for price and performance! One thousand horse power is very exciting but price tag is so depressing :)

Pictures are taken from;

Bugatti, Porsche, BMW and Worldcarfans Websites