Mini the Mini: I don’t want anymore new Minis!!!!!

Mini became very aggressive to extend its product range like a handbag company. Their aim is to make more money, more cars and more dullness. Actually dullness is very subjective for Mini. For many people, Mini is something really special like an iPhone but they don’t know why they buy it. Mini is the best handling small car on market with independent rear suspension and communicative steering wheel, but who care? I guess only twenty percentage of the current owners pay attention to these details and the rest is a consequence of popular culture. Therefore I compare Mini with handbag brands.
Instead of being exclusive, Mini decided to offer anything kind of weird vehicle. With the last innovation Mini Countryman, they shifted into a new level of craziness. I think these creative ideas are coming from Germany, BMW HQ. British brands are not obsessed with extension this much.
Extending vehicle range like extending handbag range, helps to generate more money but also helps to ignore your core values. For instance, Mini as a size! But with Countryman, the small SUV of Mini is far beyond mini size. That’s a huge SUV for Mini and introduced with the urgency to eat the market share before Range Rover Evoque arrives next summer.
I thought this very creative marketing strategy ends up with Countryman but noooo! Mini is planning to introduce more interesting vehicles; two doors Countryman and a three seated city Mini. I really wonder what was the aim of current Mini? Did not market it as a small city car? And now you will introduce a Mini for city.
I really wonder where you have these ideas to introduce really “interesting” vehicles like these. Which expensive marketing report is suggesting that, there are some people on earth who don’t like current Mini and found it big and they want to have a city Mini with three seats! If you ever read this blog please let me know through the email button in the right hand corner.
As Mini introduces more “interesting” vehicles, it will be become a more senseless brand. Good thing is, you will be marketing lecture books as an adverse example!
The undercovered Mini will be revealed in London on 23rd of September at London Design Festival and BMW design will be there. Don’t miss it ;)
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Mini and Louis Vuitton