Hard VW vs. Soft VW

VW EOS, this car has never been a big sensation in automotive industry. I don’t know why it could not manage to receive enough attention. Most of the people never heard of it either. VW’s metal roof, coupe / cabrio model! Well, that’s a SLK for normal people :) But normal people did not like it that much. I didn’t like it either, Murat Günak designed the EOS but it was not a car like Peugeot 206 or Mercedes SLK. Those cars were also designed by Günak too! But they look much better. EOS was a very boring car and sales proofed that either.
Eventually VW revealed the face-lifted version which looks much better the current model. I am more optimistic for EOS this time. Interior is much better designed also. Interestingly VW was not happy enough with EOS and they announced cabrio Golf! I am sure you will be asking what’s wrong with this. Honestly I tried to find a matching example for this weird decision but I couldn’t make it.
EOS is a cabrio car which is positioned in Golf’s segment (C Segment) and the whole marketing strategy is based on offering a coupe / cabrio Golf alternative. Now VW will offer cabrio Golf, that would be a better alternative for Golf cabrio, instead of EOS. I think they will use soft top and probably a bit cheaper (I never seen a cheap Golf) and they will solve the problem.
EOS will be expensive and hard top cabrio, Golf cabrio will be cheaper soft top cabrio. VW will say this is a very good way of differentiating the products. However the reality will be, EOS and Golf cabrio will eat their market share as a result of overlapping with each other. In some market, VW will not import EOS or Golf cabrio. Dealers will have problem to differentiate the cars, consumers will be confused and this chain reaction will go forever.
I have nothing to say! Just produce it and we all have something to write :)
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