Mercedes S-Class interior lighting :O

Today I had chance to play with a Mercedes S-Class. I am using the word play, because these new cars offer lots of technological gadgets and you have to play with them to understand their function. Driving a car is not enough, you have to play with its gadget also.
Mercedes S-Class and CL Class offer something really interesting. Interior ambient lighting! With this function you can have a nice and chill-out atmosphere inside your car. (You can see the details in pictures and in video.) I was wondering about this feature for very long time and today I had chance to experience it.
Unfortunately colour choices were not that good! Neutral, solar and polar. Neutral is neutral, it is white coloured light, nothing special. In solar mode, you feel like you are in beach. And in polar mode, you feel like you in a cheap club or in a taxi! It is neon blue, it is worst colour I have ever seen inside a car. The worst case is, Mercedes engineers decided this colour and they officially offer it. Two colour option is enough :)

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