Achtung: Citroën

I was lazy last month and I couldn’t read my magazine on time! I always try to keep up with the journalist but sometimes they are faster than me! Anyway, recently Fifth Gear presented the Citroën DS3 Racing model. As I don’t like French cars, I didn’t pay attention. It is fast, good looking and that’s all.
Actually that wasn’t all, this new DS3 Racing was named totally wrong. French marketing people forgot their mother language. It should have been named as DS3 Super Léger (Super Light). This small car, which is a slightly bigger than a very well feed cat, only weighs 1165 kg. That’s nothing in terms of automotive, just 1.1 tonnes. And this car has decent airbags, air condition, seats, four wheels, one transmission and one engine. That engine produces 200 HP of power! When you combine 1.1 tonnes with 200 HP, it ends up with zero to one hundred kph in 6,5 seconds. That’s really quick.
This car is beyond my expectations from boring Citroën. I am really serious, this car changed the rock solid brand image of Citroën in my mind. Even though, I don’t like manual gearbox, I wish to drive one of them. And I am sure that, it will be a great experience.
By the way, the next Citroën WRC car will be based on this one!

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