Ugly Beauty: New BMW 1 Series is here!

The new BMW 1 Series revealed couple of days ago. Before I saw the pictures, the rumours emphasised that new 1 Series would be different than current one. I was expecting the same; the current model is absolutely ugly from exterior to interior. And expensive, and slow, and cheap interior, and lack of space, this and goes forever.
Unfortunately, new model is still ugly. I was expecting to see something better designed than the new Ford Focus but no! After the new 5, 6, and 7 Series; my expectations from 1 Series was really high but I am disappointed with the exterior! Hopefully, the interior is one of the best one in the Golf club. All the technological gadgets are transferred to 1 Series and you won’t have the feeling of driving something cheap. Also the rear leg room seems to be improved!
And the best news is, it is still rear wheel drive. I think this is one of my main reasons why some people buy 1 Series. The rest of the Golf club is front wheel drive and it is boring. And 1 Series is only car offers 8 speed automatic gearbox in this segment, I cannot ignore this fact. Placing an 8 speed automatic gearbox into this small car is a great success. And the most powerful engine is 120d with 184HP. As usual, 1 Series offer lots of technologies and comfort with reasonable option list.
Price is higher than its competitors, because it is a BMW. You know the story. If you are planning to buy a small car with luxury interior with BMW technology, this is your best option.

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