New vs Old: Porsche 911, Bentley Continental GT and BMW 3-Series

For today, I have a very basic test for you. Just check these four car; the first row is Bentley Continental GT and the second row is Porsche 911. The cars on the left side are the new models and the ones on the right are the old models. Did you notice a similarity between Bentley and Porsche? There is one thing in common! They both did not alter their design concept for the new models. As you know see, the new models looks exactly the same as the previous model. I do know that, there are many changes but, they don’t look that different like the BMW 3 Series. When you look at the 3 Series on the left and on the right. There is a serious and obvious design diversification.
I can assume one thing, Bentley and Porsche do not wish to look their loyal customers and they sustain this by sticking on the same design concept for the new models. So, they don’t look that different.

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