Official Bugatti Video or Not !?!

Finally the Bugatti is on YouTube but, with only four videos and very low view rate. They would definitely increase their ratings, as people discover it. I am not going talk about the rating on YouTube, I want to talk about the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse’s YouTube video. It is totally disappointing.
I am not a video expert and I cannot judge it precisely but from a very basic approach to video, I can say that it does not look that exquisite or expensive. Actually, it looks like Bugatti was pushing the agency to finish the video and they did everything in hurry!

Why? Firstly, there is no engine noise! People want to hear W16 Quad Turbo engine! That’s the fantasy of Bugatti. This is like 1900s silent movie, no engine noise. Secondly, the whole video is not that sharp, the contrast of the Veyron’s colour is not clear. Actually, blur footage leads to lose concentration on the car.

During the transitions, the angles are changing from close to very wide and you feel the editing. Also, in the beginning the technical information looks really amateur. Everyone can do this with editing tools. This information should be placed during the video as a caption. So, viewer can associate the right meaning with right moment. Otherwise, for many people 1500 nm torque does not mean anything.

Of course, there are good parts! The intro is really good, the helicopter angles, high speed camera scenes are amazing. It is obvious that, Bugatti spent a lot of money for the video in a compressed time-frame.

On the contrary, some parts of the car is getting inside and outside of the frame too quickly. This shows that camera crew car could not keep up with the Bugatti. Moreover, the scene from the side of the car looks nice in photographs but does not match with this video. Another downside is some of parts are turn into slow by software. They don’t seems to be taken by high speed camera, especially the ones from the helicopter angle.
I don’t like to critise like this but, Bugatti could have made something much much better than this. This car costs nearly € 2 Millions, it is the most expensive production car in automotive history and Bugatti has adequate money to do better. Sorry :(

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