Marisa Miller features in Buick Commercial

Supermodel Marisa Miller features in Buick commercial. Marisa Miller is well-known from the annually hold Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She also features in Sports Illustrated and many other fashion magazines.
Buick; everyone knows this brand for ages. But never initiates any emotions with anyone. As a matter of fact, it is only available in some markets, mostly American. So, it is really impossible to spot a Buick around Europe. This brand is neither beautiful nor ugly. It is in the middle, a good vehicle to go from A to B.
Marisa features in Buick’s facelifted luxury crossover (This means it is not an SUV or an estate, it is in the middle) Enclave. Unfortunately, Enclave does not provide any competitive features. 3.6-lt V6 petrol engine only produces 292 PS and 366 nm of torque. In the meantime, Volkswagen Golf R produces 265 PS and 345 nm of torque from a turbo charged 2-lt petrol engine. The engine of Enclave is not impressive. Also, its 6-speed auto gearbox as well.
Unfortunately, LED day light lamps also do not provide extra points. Okay, it looks nice for a Buick and really big that’s all. I really don’t like to say this but Marisa Miller creates the word-of-mouth in this commercial, sorry!

The commercial can be watched after 14th May, Monday.

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