Opel / Vauxhall Adam is here!

Opel/Vauxhall Adam is here! Adam is the mini car from Opel and they were a bit late for this segment. Opel is very well known for small cars but never introduced a car in mini segment to compete with Fiat 500 and Mini. I really don’t know why Opel hesitate to enter this market while they have a competitive power with Corsa.

So, Opel designed a very competitive car and named it as Adam. Honestly, I never liked the design of Opel cars. They are neither bad nor good! So, this makes Opel cars a bit conservative and boring. I really appreciate designs that are simple, elegant and tells you something about the car. And, Opel Adam does not look like a traditional Opel and looks really good! Adam is the best looking Opel for quite long time!

I am definitely sure that, Opel Adam will capture some of the mini segment with this competitive design. Even if a car offers so much technology and features, design is the most important factor for the purchase decision. And Opel did a very good job!

Opel Adam will be available with start/stop function; 1,2-lt petrol (69 PS) and 1,4-lt petrol (86 PS and 100 PS) and coupled with six-speed manual. I am sure Opel will offer a type of automatic transmission for Adam.

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