Range Rover Evoque vs. Mini Countryman

Range Rover Evoque vs. Mini Countryman. I should have written about them long time ago. But I didn’t and I really don’t know why. Last year, around these times, Land Rover revealed the Evoque and just before that, Mini revealed the Countryman.

Many people like me, assumed that Mini Countryman is going to be a rival for Evoque and they will eat their market share. However, this did not happen. Countryman has its own customers and Evoque has its own customers.

Since the beginning, Range Rover Evoque represented as a posh, show-off oriented and expensive. This strategy was good and was bad. Because, some people do not consume products that are too popular and perceived as a symbol of wealth. And some people love to consumer products that show their wealth.
However, with Mini Countryman things were a bit different. Mini did not engage with any celebrity or tried to promote Countryman as a something posh or show-off oriented. So, they did not turn into complete rivals.

But that is not the real reason. Evoque and Countryman have a huge gap among each other and that is called, price tag. A fully loaded Evoque can go up to £55,000 and Countryman can go up to £33,000. As you can see, there is a £22.000 of gap!

Honestly, I really love the design, driving experience of Range Rover Evoque and I would really want to own one. But £55.000 for a such a small car is too much from my perspective. And when I consider Mini Countryman for £33.000. It may be expensive but it is not that expensive. And also, Mini offers the same technology from BMW. With Countryman, you may order some of the features that are available in BMW. And that’s plus either.

I am not saying Evoque is not good or anything else but it is expensive. Actually, Evoque is targeted for people who will not say it is expensive.

In the end, Evoque and Countryman are really good cars. Evoque offers very good off road capabilities, Land Rover technology, high quality production and great design. Countryman offers off road ability, enjoyment of Mini, go-kart feeling, high quality and unique character. If I dismiss the price tag, just buy the one that matches with your personality. I think this is the best answer for the comparison.
Mini Countryman is offered with 1.6-lt petrol engine with 98 PS (One) / 122 PS (Cooper) / 184 PS (Cooper S); diesels are 1.6-lt  90 PS (One) / 112 PS (Cooper) and 2.0-lt 143 PS (Cooper S)

Range Rover Evoque is offered with 2.0-lt petrol engine with 240 PS and 2.2-lt diesel with 150 PS and 190 PS.

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