A Real Limited Edition from Montblanc: Meisterstück L’Aubrac Limited Edition 8

Montblanc Masters for Meisterstück L’Aubrac Limited Edition 8, as you may guess from the name this pen is a limited edition, the £43,000 ($70,000 – €53,000) price may give you the impression of state-of-art exclusivity for the ownership. And you are right, Limited Edition 8 is only available to 8 pieces!

I know this sounds shocking, who is going to pay £43,000 just for a pen. For many people this is an ordinary pen, nothing really special or different than a Lamy. However, the reality is totally different. Montblanc has the engineering heritage for writing instruments, but still £43,000 sounds too much for a pen.

L’Aubrac Limited Edition 8 is covered or interpreted from ebony wood and carved with a three-dimensional pineapple pattern. Still not satisfying? A very challenging figure is created, a traditional Laguiole motif. Not finished yet! Each set is offered with a facet set of brilliant diamond and finally, only eight people can own this pen. I guess that’s enough for the price!

For many people, this pen is from another planet and that’s right. L’Aubrac Limited Edition 8 is for people who dedicated to write and have the financial strength to support their niche hobby. By the way, you may buy a brand new Range Rover Evoque for this price but it won’t be that exclusive.

And here some picture of the production stages of Meisterstück L’Aubrac Limited Edition 8.

Product code of Limited Edition 8 is 107551.

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