Agent Provocateur London Fashion Show, Twitter Photos!

Agent Provocateur, the luxury lingerie brand. Many people never heard of it, and anyone every passed in front their store never forgets it. Agent Provocateur is a bit contradicting brand, it is not like Victoria’s Secret that everyone is aware of their brand. Agent Provocateur is a bit like the car brand Koenigsegg. Many people never heard of Koenigsegg, but they will never forget when they see one.
Anyway, last night in London it was the Agent Provocateur’s Fashion Show. I guess you may imagine their collection I should not write in here :) During the show Agent Provocateur’s official Twitter account upload photo live. So we had opportunity to see the show from our mobile phones. And I did a very hard and tiring task to find and collect all photos and upload to my blog, just for you :)

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Agent Provecateur