Maserati Quattroporte at 7 AM. Photos from Instagram

Maserati Quattroportre, I never get bored of writing about this car. And I don’t like to repeat the same topics in my blog but I cannot stop writing about Quattroporte.

This morning we all woke up with fire alarm in my apartment, and everyone evacuated the building. This is not something really interesting or unusual but at 7 AM, and I saw a parked Maserati Quattroporte in front of the apartment. This is not something very interesting to blog about either, this Quattroporte is on production since 2004.

However, it still does look magnificent. I really don’t know how the Quattroporte still looks new and charming. I think I need to ask this question to Frank Stephenson, who designed the Quattroporte. Why I am saying charming, on 7 AM with partially sleepy like many of the people who are coming up from the apartment, I looked at the Quattroporte again. I know this car for eight years and there is nothing different, it is the same car.

But the details of the design makes us to look again and again, I think Maserati Quattroporte ignites our basic instincts. And we look again and again to Quattroporte every time we see one.

Maserati Quattroporte (Normal / S / Sport GT S) engine options are 4.2-lt V8 400 PS, 4.7-lt V8 430 PS, 4.7-lt V8 440 PS. The acceleration times (0-100 kph) are 5.6 seconds, 5.4 seconds, 5.1 seconds. With the top speed of 270 KPH, 285 KPH, 287 KPH.

And here some photos of Maserati Quattroporte from Instagram.

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