Opel / Vauxhall Adam Real Life Photos

Opel / Vauxhall Adam, I know you have been waiting for this. Since I uploaded the photos of Adam to Instagram, I realised the huge curosity for Adam. I think, during the history of Opel / Vauxhall none of their cars ever ignited curiosity this much.

Most of the Opel / Vauxhall cars look a bit dull or to conservative to make you excited so much. However, Adam is totally different. It offers seven different light colours, proper personalisation from exterior colours to interior ambient lighting. Adam is a big step for Opel / Vauxhall, now they created a new path for the future vehicles. In other words, they put the bar so high their new cars should be better than the Adam!

Unfortunately, Adam is only available with 1.2-lt 70 PS, 1.4-lt 87 PS and 100 PS petrol engines coupled with pre-historic 5-speed manual. Opel / Vauxhall did a great job with Adam but 5-speed manual does not match with Adam’s harmony.

I am sure, more engines and better manual and automatic gearbox options will be available. I assume many people will not pay attention to these details :)