Fake Ferrari F70 Photo from Fake Instagram Account

Ferrari F70, or F150 or the next Ferrari Enzo; whatever the name the Ferrari will give it became an internet phenomena recently. And I also contributed to this. Last week, a picture of Ferrari F70 was released on Instagram by the Official Ferrari account. However, there was a minor problem, Ferrari does not have an Instagram account!

So, how it can be true? Very simple. We all jumped to this fake news with a photo, which is already leaked to internet and believed that Ferrari made a press announced on Instagram with some typos. According to Jalopnik website, the whole story was fake.

What was my reaction to this? Here is the photos of everyone who was fooled the fake Ferrari Instagram account. I think we all looked like Kim Kardashian’s crying face.

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Pictures’ Copyrights
Ferrari (I assume) and E! Online