Mercedes G-Wagon 6×6

Mercedes G-Wagon 6×6! Mercedes recently revealed their six by six SUV to automotive world. Six by six means, Mercedes G-Wagon has three axles and six wheels and each wheel has traction. This makes the G-Wagon 6×6 one of the most capable off road vehicle and increase the tendency to generate an unusual friendship with the nearest petrol station. Because, Mercedes fitted an AMG 5.5-lt with 544 HP and 760 Nm petrol engine. So the fuel consumption is not that impressive. Five locking differentials, AMG 7-speed double clutch automatic gearbox and tyre pressure control systems are quite charming as well!
However, G-Wagon 6×6 is the only public road legal SUV with six wheels, so you need to bear the adverse effects. And it is only limited to 30 units!
Lastly, what are these five differential locks? I think, the order of these differential locks are like these: Front, Middle (For 2nd Axle), Middle (For 3rd Axle), 2nd Axle and 3rd Axle differential locks. Sounds a bit complicated but these will help you to overcome any adverse terrain condition.

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