The Best and Sexiest New Range Rover Test

The best, the sexiest test of the new Range Rover. If you search for the new Range Rover test on Google, you will end up with countless test reviews. And they are more or less the same, even if I had done one or if I will do in future.

However, if you haven’t watched the review of the new Range Rover by Anastasia Tregubova yet, you miss a lot! Anastasia Tregubova is a Russian automotive journalist and did many car reviews on her YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, there is a minor problem! Anastasia is Russian and her content is made in Russian for Russian viewers. So, why I do recommend it? Because, it is the best review :) Honestly, I have no idea what she says during the ten minutes review of the new Range Rover but I really don’t mind.

I can imagine what she said; new Range Rover is very good at off road, seats are amazing, it drive excellent, acceleration is fantastic and etc and etc…

Anyway stop wasting your time reading the article, start watching the video :)