New Range Rover Sport Photos and Details

New Range Rover Sport, fat boy slim. Why I called the new Range Rover Sport, fat boy slim? Very simple! New Range Rover Sport looks exactly the same as Range Rover Evoque, despite the enlarged size Range Rover Sport is 420 kg lighter than predecessor model. Thus, fat boy slim definitely matches with the Range Rover Sport.
The press event of the Range Rover Sport was presented by the Daniel Craig, James Bond. And the presence of Daniel Craig cost $1 million to Land Rover!
So what is new with the New Range Rover Sport?
New Range Rover Sport is now half a tonne lighter than the predecessor, which is a very big improvement thanks to aluminium structure. Thus, the handling and driving experience are definitely improved. Another important improvement is the optional 5 + 2 seating. Unfortunately, Range Rover never offered 5 + 2 seating position and lost quite a bit of market share to its competitors. Now, 7 people can experience the agile and sporty character of the Range Rover Sport. Despite the improvements in agile character, Range Rover Sport does offer serious off road capabilities, thanks to new Terrain Response 2 system, off road driving is easier than before.
The engine offered by the Range Rover Sports are; two petrol engines, 5.0-litre 510PS V8 and the new 3.0-litre 340PS V6. Also, two diesel engines 3.0-litre 258PS TDV6 and 292PS SDV6. Moreover, 4.4-litre 339PS SDV8 diesel version will be available soon to compete with the BMW X5 / X6 M50d. All engines are coupled with 8-speed automatic gearbox. And also there will be a four-cylinder petrol engine will be available in future.
New Range Rover Sport offers head up display, traffic sign recognition and Wade Sensing technology, which enables vehicle to identify the depth of the water. These technologies are quite new to Range Rover, and I can see that Land Rover wishes to keep up with its competitors.
The interior is exactly the same as the Range Rover except the gear knob. Range Rover Sport offer Jaguar F-Type gear lever, which is way better. Literally, new Range Rover Sport is less utilitarian and more luxurious, unlike the predecessor model.
My personal opinion, new Range Rover Sport does look good and offers competitive technology with respectful level of luxury inside the cabin. And I am definitely sure that, new Range Rover Sport is really fun to drive and looks way better than before! However, it will be too early to say that it is the best SUV with sport character because we don’t have the new BMW X5 yet. Until that time, Range Rover Sport is the new king.

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