BMW i3 is Official Now

Details of BMW i3. i3 was a bit mystery, it was the BMW’s first step to enter to electric world with a brand range of vehicles. BMW named the range with “i”. And i-Series does not share any designed or infrastructure similarity with the existing BMW vehicle range. It is a brand new range with a brand new perspective. 
That’s why everyone was curious about the BMW i-Series, hopefully BMW released the official details of the i3 today. BMW i3 shares the same 50:50 weight distribution like all other BMWs. i3 is made the passenger cell from carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP). It is powered by a 50-kg, 170 HP / 250 Nm electric motor. Zero to 100 km/h acceleration is only 7.2 seconds and the range of electric driving is around 130-160 KM. BMW i3 also features a tiny on-board generator to avoid running out of charge. 0.65-lt two-cylinder engine is placed at rear axle for better weight distribution and it produces 34 HP to charge the batteries and extend the range up to 300km. 
The interesting feature of BMW i3 is the single-pedal concept. According to press release, there will be only one pedal acts as throttle and brake at the same time. As I understand, when you leave your foot gently, BMW i3 will be coasting. Basically, if you leave your foot from the pedal gently, it will be coasting; if you leave your foot very rapidly it will be braking and someone will crash you from the rear. Because, we always leave the throttle very rapidly. This feature was never used at any type of vehicle and hinders potential accidents! I am definitely sure, BMW will remove the single-pedal drive concept. This system may sound very efficient on paper but when you consider the average drivers, it will be a huge disaster!
Anyway, BMW opened a new chapter in premium electric car market with i-Series!

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