New Mercedes A-Class Test with Anastasia Tregubova

New Mercedes A-Class test with Anastasia Tregubova. This probably the sexiest test of the new Mercedes A-Class. Also, I cannot ignore that fact that new A-Class is really sexy as well. However, I still love the previous generation A-Class with enormous amount of space inside the cabin.

This new A-Class offer very distinctive and sexy design but lack of the spacious interior of the previous generations. However, Mercedes had to revise this car to compete with Audi A3 and BMW 1-Series.

As usual Anastasia did a great test drive and as I understood from the YouTube substitles, she really like the A-Class despite some drawbacks like extra features and lack of space at the rear.

I am definitely sure you will watch the whole video couple of times and learn more about the A-Class :)


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