Porsche Design TwinBag Evening Women Handbags vs. Louis Vuitton

Porsche Design‘s new women evening handbag TwinBag vs. Louis Vuitton. Porsche Design is well-known for its precise product quality and transferring Porsche DNA to its fashion collection. And recently, Porsche Design decided to extend its fashion range into women handbags, that’s a very dangerous territory. 
Because, women handbag business have very strong brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermes and others. Especially, the Louis Vuitton is the king of the business! Pricing women handbags similar to Louis Vuitton price range should be supported by a huge self confidence. Porsche Design does have the self confidence but, will women buy a Porsche Design handbag instead of a Louis Vuitton? Probably No! But, I still appreciate the effort of Porsche Design to enter this very competitive fashion arena.

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Porsche Design