Price of Mercedes G-Wagon 6X6

Price of Mercedes G-Wagon 6X6 probably most asked question on internet. The main reason for this, Mercedes created the most pointless SUV and everyone wonders what is the price of this project.
Why pointless? Very simple, Mercedes G-Wagon is the pinnacle of the off-road experience. It offers state-of-art abilities, and adding two more traction wheels make the experience even better. However, when you employ a 5.5-lt V8 AMG engine with 544 HP and 758 Nm of torque with 3.6-lt tonne of mass weight does not make things better. 
Actually, it makes things even worse. Because, G-Wagon has a very bad aerodynamic efficiency and this increases the fuel consumption. In addition to this, extra two wheels and their mass weights ruin the consumption figure. 
Literally, Mercedes G-Wagon 6X6 needs a fuel tanker during a serious off-road experience to avoid any bad memories. 
And the price of Mercedes G-Wagon 6X6 is €451,010 including the VAT!